Why your home concrete install is going wrong

Advice from a Concrete Contractor!


Pouring concrete seems like it is an easy job. You go to your neighborhood Home Depot or Lowe’s and buy a bag of mix. You mix it in a 5 gallon bucket or in a wheelbarrow. Then you pour it in your desired area and leave it be until it dries right? Well that’s not entirely right. There are many ways that pouring concrete can go wrong. Here is the main reason why your concrete install is going wrong


Improper Concrete Prep!!

People don’t take the time to prepare properly maybe because lack of experience or because they don’t know how.  I’ve seen where they even go without excavating or leveling the area first.  One must make the form, using some wood to create the shape.  Also excavate the ground so that you start with a level field!  Yes you need to use a level to verify this.  Next pour some gravel and make sure it is level BEFORE pouring in the concrete.

Contact a Concrete Contractor its Free!

Well as a concrete contractor in Las Vegas we at Jose’s concrete have seen a lot of stuff and have had to repair many concrete sidewalks, driveways and even foundations that were installed by the inexperienced or do it yourself-er. I hope this errors will open your eyes and will make you want to at least get a free consultation from a trained professional that has been working in the concrete industry for over 25 years. Schedule your free inspection today

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