STONE Technology Relocates To A New Office in Beijing, China

STONE Technologies shifted to Room 1905, Building D, Yuanyang International Center, Dramatic District, Beijing, China. All employees were invited to partake in their housewarming ceremony.

At the ceremony, their general manager, Wang Yang, congratulated all the employees for their efforts. They have successfully navigated through a series of hardships and have come out on the other side stronger than ever. The speech was quite well-received by the staff and did much to boost their morale. Many stated that they looked forward to working with the same vigor in the future as well.

The new home of STONE Technologies is a great working environment that marks a new age in the company’s history. They hope to embolden their employees’ spirits while also boosting their confidence and strength. A change in the workplace can have great effects on the productivity of the staff. New workplaces are essentially like new beginnings for a company. They help employees see their work in a new light and can motivate them to more actively partake in their work.

This is one of the reasons many companies often relocate to new locations after a set period of time. While the shifting process may have some bumps, the final effect it will have on the staff and the office is immeasurable in effect. Thus, STONE Technologies expects to see new energy resonating in their employees.

STONE Technologies is ready to embark on this new journey with their company. Filled with ambition and pride, they are ready to be the best providers of touch screen technology across the world. Their main goals are progress and advancement. And to achieve that, they are willing to provide a level of dedication that many other companies are simply unable to.

STONE Technologies has been the premier providers of LCD displays for quite a bit of time. During that period they have constantly updated and adapting their service to meet the demands of an ever-changing world. With their new office space, they take another step towards further advancement.

About Stone Technologies:

Stone Technologies is a professional manufacturer of HMI (Intelligent TFT LCD module). Theywere established in 2004 and devoted themselves to the manufacturing and developing high-quality intelligent TFT LCD display. From very original Command Set series product(STI/STA/STC) to the very intelligent V series (STVI/STVA/STVC), STONE has been continuously updating and transformingtheir productsfor 14 years.

Their vision is to become one of the world’s top supplier in the industrial intelligent field. They also wish toprovide top-quality products and professional technology services to customers all over the world.

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