Presenting a Small Male Organ in the Best Light

Just as some people have bigger feet or heavyset fingers or a thick neck, so too do some men have what might be considered a small male organ. In some cases, that small male organ is small only when soft; when a guy is a grower, he has a member that is unimpressive when unaroused but which grows to a respectable (or in some cases awe-inspiring) length when the blood starts flowing into the manhood. In other instances, however, a guy starts out with a small male organ and ends similarly, even when at their most tumescent. And guess what? Some guys (and their partners) are perfectly fine with that, knowing that male organ size is only one way to measure a guy’s sensual performance. But for those smaller endowed men who want to present their package in the best possible light, the following tips may apply.

Before getting to the tips, however, one other word to men who think they have a small male organ: in today’s society, with its obsession over big manhoods, many men who have members of a perfectly adequate (or more) size imagine themselves to possess a small male organ. Putting things in their proper perspective can be a big help.

Presenting in the best light

Men who wish to make their small male organ appear perhaps larger can try the following:

– Wear enhancing underwear. Many manufacturers (especially smaller, niche ones) make briefs which are specifically designed to showcase the manhood and sacks and make them look larger (even when they are already large.) There are several variations on this, such as briefs with a built-in male organ ring (or fabric-based substitute) or fabric supports that life the sacks and move them and the member forward. Those who cannot find such underwear can achieve something of the same effect by wearing a male organ ring under normal briefs.

– Get into manscaping. Every man’s body is different, but most agree that shaving away their pubic hair makes the memberlook a little larger. There’s something about that big thatch of hair on top of the manhood that makes it look a bit diminished; eliminating that distraction can give the illusion of greater size. Yes, manscaping can add a little time to your daily routine, but for those concerned with male organ size, it might be worth it.

– Lose the gut. Maintaining a proper weight is great for a man’s health, both short-term and long-term. But slimming down can also help with the illusion that the member has gotten bigger. When the small male organ is surrounded by extra flesh – in the stomach and on the thighs especially – the wide canvas look seems to shrink the manhood, just as a person will look smaller standing in front of a gigantic movie screen.

– Get warmed up. All men know that a cold manhood is a smaller manhood, so it pays to make sure that the temperature is right before unveiling one’s manhood to a partner. It also doesn’t hurt to give a little extra stimulation to that organ, so if possible disrobe in a separate space and spend a few moments getting the circulation going in the member before introducing the organ to its new playmate.

If a man really wants to present his small male organ in the best light, he’ll be sure that the member is in its best health – and that means regularly applying a first rate male organ health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Like all parts of the body, the member is enriched and enlivened by vitamins, so be sure that the selected crème contains a range of these – such as A, B5, C, D and E. The crème should also contain L-arginine, an amino acid which helps produce nitric oxide, thereby helping the male organ blood vessels to open and expand to accommodate increased blood flow.

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