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27th Sep 2019, Breathing problems are a major cause of concern to parents and healthcare workforce alike, and often constitutes the most common reason for any medical consultation in childhood. It remains a cause of perpetual worry and often results in a poor quality of life for the child restricting their participation in day to day normal activities. Additionally, children fare less well with respiratory tract problems and need to be seen early by healthcare professionals specialising in lung diseases. Finally, the long term consequences of poor respiratory health can have implications way beyond childhood and may erode into the attainment of full potential in adulthood.

Cough, both dry and wet, with or without wheezing or whistling on the chest, may reflect the presence of a more serious underlying medical condition like asthma or pneumonia. Cough may be associated with respiratory sounds like stridor that reflects croup or problems with the structure of the windpipe or snoring reflecting problems in the nasal passages. Asthma is often triggered by allergens and the same need to be evaluated through specialist tests. Snoring may reflect inadequate and ineffective sleep with its ill consequences on long term educational and developmental outcome.Children may also rarely suffer from chest pain and share respiratory illnesses with their adult counterparts. This may include illnesses like tuberculosis and bronchiectasis.

Fortunately many of these respiratory illnesses, when diagnosed early can be either treated or managed well so as to allow the child to live a normal and healthy life. As the current NHS waits to secure an appointment with an appropriately trained medical doctor gets longer, help may be obtained from a private paediatric respiratory physician in UK. Manchester Paediatric Chest Clinic, based at the BMI Alexandra hospital at Cheadle, Manchester offers comprehensive consultation services on the respiratory issues identified in children, and thereby providinga one stop solution to all types of respiratory issues with multifaceted expertise to evaluate the background nature of these longstanding lung problems and formulating suitableand comprehensive evidence based treatmentplans. Manchester Paediatric Chest Clinic offers such long-term solution to chronic conditions like asthma, advocating and training patients and careers about inhalation therapy alongside specialist respiratory investigations. Additionally, bronchoscopic evaluation is undertaken to evaluate and exclude other conditions.

Health specialists are recommended to evaluate all patients for the forthcoming asthma attack menace to help modify imminent care and medical dealing. As such, patients whose asthma is intense even after consuming standards ‘controller therapies’ should be immediately referred to high-quality professional care.

To explore more what is on offer, please visit: or contact Consultant Care services at 0161 4957000. You can also access this service by contacting BMI The Alexandra Hospital at 0161 428 3656.

About the Company: Manchester Paediatric Chest Clinic is a one stop clinic for all the paediatric respiratory problems. The information provided here is in good faith and does not replace standard medical advice.

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