Explore Some Nepali Festivals

The best time to visit Nepal would be during Nepali Festival which helps to experience Nepalese cultures and people at best. Similarly, treks and hikes would be a major activity to perform in Nepal.

Some major festivals in Nepal are:


MahaShivaratri, Pashupatinath (February/March)

The birthday of this Shiva falls on the new moon day of the Nepali month of Falgun. Festivities take place at all Shiva temples, but the parties take place where hundreds of sadhus flock there from all over Nepal and India. Even the King of Nepal makes an appearance late in the daytime. During a visit to this festival, you create vibrant sights and can watch the audiences bath from the holy waters that are Bagmati – this is certain to be a real highlight of your Nepal trip.


BalkumariJatra, Thimi (mid-April)

The Little town of Thimi welcomes with a festival instituted by the King JagatJyotiMalla in the early 1600s. This is sure to be a moment of your Nepal holiday with devotees gathering around the Balkumari temple in Thimi as dusk falls and hundreds of oil lamps have been lit. Many devotees lie motionless around the temple through the night with burning oil lamps balanced in legs, their arms, chests, and foreheads. The next morning, as Ganesh arrives from Nagadesh’s village, see the festival hit at fever pitch upon her arrival, whilst powder is hurled wildly around covering everyone in sight.


Indra Jatra chariot festival, Kathmandu (August/September)

The Aryan god of rain, Indra, was captured from the Kathmandu Valley. She maintained to spread dew and choose people who had died over the previous year back with her to paradise when she was released. An experience, take part in honoring the dead as the festival-goers, also become immersed in the traditions of the unique festival atmosphere with a visit throughout your Nepal trip to IndraJatra pay homage to Indra.


Dashain, nationwide (September/October)

Make certain to go to the Dasain festival late. Design continues for 15 times and finishes on the full-moon afternoon of early October or late September. At the end of the monsoon season, this festival celebrates the coming of clear skies and clean air along with the rice being prepared for harvesting. It’s a family time when the family houses get a fantastic spring clean.


Tihar/Deepawali, nationally (October/November)

Also called Diwali Light’s Festival, this is the most important Hindu festival and is celebrated all around the world. The five-day actions occur in late October early November based on the moon. Experience this event as part of your Nepal vacation and see as the festival-goers certain animals, including throwing rice in crows and painting their horns silver and gold. As lamps and lanterns are lit in every house and the streets are filled with light, this is sure to be a part of the Nepal trip.


Mani Rimdu, Tengboche (November)

Why don’t you pay a visit to the Mani Rimdu festival during your Nepal holiday which occurs at the Tengboche monastery in the SoluKhunbu area, on the Everest Base Camp trek? This 3 day festival in Nepal features masked dramas and dances celebrating the success of Buddhism over the Tibetan Bon religion that was existing. The dates of the festival are exercised according to the Tibetan lunar calendar.

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