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According to Renub Research report “Japan Proton Therapy Market, Patients by 10 Cancer Types (CNS, Head and Neck, Lung, GI, HCC, Pancreas, Gynecologic, Prostate, etc.), Reimbursement Policies & Persons Treated at Centers” Japan Proton Therapy Market is forecasted to exceed US$ 6 Billion by 2025.

In the cancer treatment field, Japan was the world’s second-largest provider of proton therapy. Nevertheless, for a vast population, access to proton therapy is limited due to a small number of centers for proton therapy. A growing number of research institutions and hospitals have, therefore begun investing in proton therapy to make it more accessible to cancer patients ‘ enormous pool.

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Late attention has been drawn to proton therapy as a possible form of radiotherapy for the treatment of pediatric cancer. The exposure of healthy proton therapy tissue can be decreased to a minimum for infants, thereby reducing the adverse effects of radiation on the healthy tissue. Proton therapy also reduced the risk of secondary cancer because of the irradiation of smaller amounts of normal tissue. For example, in Mirabell et al., the incidence of secondary cancer with the use of proton therapy in the cerebrospinal region is projected to be reduced to 15 fold. These findings encouraged policymakers to encourage pediatric cancer proton therapy.

Technological advances in the market of proton therapy have culminated in the development of PBS (Pencil Beam Scanning), an innovative way to deliver the proton beam. PBS tends to achieve higher target adherence levels and applies lower dose levels to the surrounding tissues relative to other therapies. Using advanced imaging techniques such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), and positron emission tomography (PET), researcher can quickly identify and detect tumors deep inside the body.

Such advances in technology have made proton therapy an effective method of cancer treatment by allowing clinicians to identify the tumor position, shape, and volume accurately. Manufacturers of proton therapy devices also reduce the equipment size and sell smaller proton therapy systems at low cost. Therefore, technological advances were described as a key trend in the forecast period that will drive market growth in proton therapy.

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Over the past few decades, interest in investing and improvement in proton therapy has increased exponentially, including the therapeutic benefit of Bragg peak dose compared to conventional photon delivery of high-energy X-ray. This property allows a higher dose of radiation therapy administered to the surrounding tissue and location compared to photon therapy. Furthermore, technological evolution has made proton therapy more effective and user-friendly, such as rotation gantry enabling treatment delivery comparable to X-ray therapy, better scanning, better treatment scheduling, and improved patient immobilization.

Financial investment in proton therapy is high, but in any company, an effective proton facility will improve the radiotherapy department’s credibility and attract new patients. Therefore, this will help to mitigate the high deployment and operating costs.

Market Summary:

By Market: In this research report Actual and Untapped Proton Therapy Market and Number of Patients

By Cancer Types: Central Nervous System (CNS), Head and Neck, Lung, GI (Gastro-Intestinal), Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC), Pancreas, Gynecologic, Prostate, Bone and Soft Tissue, other cancer types are given with market and number of patients in this research report.

By Centers: In the research report, the number of treated patients and the market of 12 Proton therapy centers are provided.

By Companies: Overview and sales analysis of IBA, Varian Medical Systems, and Elekta are given in this research report.

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