Shaded Cube Offers Easy-to-Install Glass Structuresfor Commercial Spaces

Shaded Cube provides businesses with fast and easy installation of glass rooms, ensuring minimum disruption and helping to attract more guests.


[November 2019, United Kingdom] –Shaded Cube supplies sturdy glassrooms to Kent commercial spaces, letting guests enjoy the outdoors regardless of the weather. The glass façade offers an elegant look and allows seamless transition from indoors to outdoors. The glass room does not require complicated installation, reducing downtime and ensuring guests immediately benefit from the addition.

Outdoor Lifestyle in Any Weather


Rain is inevitable in London, even in summer. The wet weather gets in the way of an outdoor lifestyle, which can affect the sales of some businesses. Shaded Cube has the solution for such a dilemma. The world-class awnings and glass rooms provider turns an ordinary open outdoor space to an inviting glass conservatory.

The glass room is made of hard-wearing material with a frameless structure, giving an elegant and seamless finish. The soft close doors and glass walls support the monolithic design without sacrificing function.

The glass room provides comfort in any weather. It offers shelter in the rainy season and protection during sunny days. Shaded Cube also installs retractable awnings for added shield against the harsh sunlight.

The purpose of glass rooms is to give guests space to enjoy outside activities, encouraging them to head out regardless of the weather.When people are drawn outdoors and stay longer in establishments, businesses may enjoy better sales.

Easy Installation


The glass rooms need only minimal installation effort, so business owners do not have to worry about downtime. The quick installation process ensures that visitors can immediately benefit from the glass structure, which may have an impact on sales.

The glass structure does not require a messy foundation as well,but it still offers maximum durability, withstanding most weather conditions.


About Shaded Cube


Shaded Cube supplies high-quality awnings, glass rooms, patio roofs and optional additions to customers in Kent, Surrey and Sussex. Shaded Cube’s experienced team installs with minimum disruption and maximum speed. The company offers sensible pricing and excellent customer service, ensuring that it meetsspecific needs and preferences.

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