How can we use Hadoop for AI?

Before jumping into the answer lets understand the difference between Hadoop and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Big Data is one of the important terms used in the market. Big data as we know refers to a huge amount of data generated from social media platforms. This data is generated and needs to be stored in order to process it. This is where Big Data Hadoop comes into the picture. The Hadoop platform is one of the best frameworks to process big data. Whereas Artificial Intelligence is one of technology which is similar to human intelligence. This technology uses logical reasoning, self-correction, and learning.

Now let’s see why do we need Hadoop for AI?

Hadoop is a powerful platform that uses node technology to process data. This data is stored directly into the Hadoop system. Unlike the traditional database system, you do not need to process data first in and then store it into the database. The best part of Hadoop is that the data can be stored easily without any issue and later we can decide how to use this data. You must have noticed if you search for a particular headphone online and you do not purchase it. After some time if you use social media or even browse other websites you will be flashed with offers on headphones and from where you can purchase it. You must have wondered how they knew you needed a headphone. This is known as Artificial intelligence. These platforms use Hadoop to gather data about the user’s likes and dislikes or what he searches most and accordingly the AI system flashes the ad on your screen.

How to build a career into Hadoop or AI?

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