How to quickly repair your leaky roof & make it look like New Again…!!!

Delaying a legitimate roof repair could cost you an incredible amount in the long run. Doing DIY roof repair or hiring professionals that can evaluate, repair and prevent further damage can save you real money .


Bridgeport, Connecticut-November 12th, 2019 – The words roof leaks or repair roof are the ones which building owners don’t want to her, but yet at some point in time they have to perform roof repair to prevent further damage.   It’s still a good idea to fix a leaky roof immediately because small leaks can become big problems in a short amount of time leading to ruined insulation, rotted wood framing, damaged walls and lot of money. A typical roof repair usually addresses weather damage, leaks, or missing or damaged shingles.

The average cost for minor roof repairs ranges from $200 to $300, $1,000 for a medium-sized repair job and up to $3,000 for major repairs.

A few missing shingles aren’t hard to replace. If the originals are in good shape, you can reuse them, but it is preferable to use new or leftover shingles. If you need to fix roof flashing you need to pry up the nails used to secure it once you locate the source of the leak. Lift any shingles out of the way and remove the damaged piece.

The most common roof repair entails fixing leaks, but the good news is that you can fix these leaks yourself by applying roof coating e.g. EPDM Liquid Rubber to it. All you have to do is clean the roof, let it dry then apply roof coating to it. EPDM Liquid Rubber is the high quality roofing material best for repairing a roof. Liquid EPDM Rubber is cost effective, durable and leak proof and it holds up very well through varied and harsh weather conditions.



EPDM coatings pride itself for delivering industry proven products for residential, commercial and RV use. With over a 25-year history of success EPDM coatings have helped thousands get a new roof for a fraction of the cost of new roof replacement. Our products have unique chemical combination and application characteristics which have made them top choice for customers.

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