Erectile dysfunction and smoking

Erectile dysfunction is a common sexual weakness in men after a certain point in age. It can happen after 40 or 50 years of age. A lot of medical conditions and psychological issues can cause erectile dysfunction, but younger men can also face the problem due to several nonmedical problems.

Medical issues, such as any heart trouble or sickness increases the chances of erectile issues in older men. But smoking can hasten in younger men various psychological and nonmedical issues can cause erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction involves a lack of adequate blood supply towards the sexual organ for a successful intimate session with the partner.


Smoking can lead to erectile dysfunction

Excess smoking is also linked to erectile dysfunction in younger men. Studies have confirmed that chemicals in the smoking damage the blood vessels, which in turn restrict the flow of blood to the sexual organ of the man. Since the flow of blood in vessels is the prerequisite for an erection, any disturbance in the blood flow leads to soft erection or dying erection. The disturbance in the blood flow happens due to the hardening of the blood vessels or damage to the lining of the blood vessels. The formation of plaque in the interiors of the blood vessels happens more in the man with smoking habits. This process gradually restricts the flow to blood in the body. Every erectile dysfunction drug includes 60 mg Tadalafil, forces the blood flow in the body. It also pushes the blood in the narrow vessels of the sexual organ of man. Adequate blood flow cures erectile dysfunction.

That is the reason why a person with a smoking habit is prone to a heart attack. The obstruction to the blood flow in the body due to the formation of plaque in blood vessels causes a lot of circulatory problems in the body.  Erectile dysfunction and heart attack are prominent among them.

It has been recognized that younger men with smoking habits are prone to face erectile dysfunction at any stage in their adult life. Whenever a young man faces erectile issues, his dietary and lifestyle habit is the culprit. It is often found that a man who smokes excessively can develop erectile issues faster than a man who does not smoke.



Treatment for erectile dysfunction caused by smoking.

Quitting smoking is the first basic requirement. It has been observed that a younger man who quits smoking can regain the sexual strength and remove the erectile issues. The recovery period depends on the intensity of the damage to the blood lining caused by the smoking and duration of the smoking habit. That is how long a person has been smoking prior to erectile dysfunction issue.

Erectile dysfunction drugs are mentioned by the doctors to overcome erectile dysfunction in a short time. The oral tablets like 200 mg sildenafil citrate take at least 30 minutes to bring the desired result in the man with erectile dysfunction.It boosts the blood circulation by supporting the action of nitrate oxide, which is released in the body. This chemical expands the blood vessels to let blood flow to the sexual organ of the man. The blood flow to the ***** is the first requirement for a hard erection. And ****** fulfills that requirement.

Erectile dysfunction drug and smoking

Doctors strongly advised against smoking with the taking of any erectile dysfunction drug. Smoking hinders the blood flow, while erectile dysfunction drug boosts the blood flow in the body. But if you cannot stop smoking at once, then it is suggested that you should use Cenforce 150 mg for erectile dysfunction. Cenforce is a strong erectile dysfunction drug that comes in various doses. It is the only ED medication that is recommended to be used with a moderate level of smoking. So anyone who has a smoking habit, but wants to use the erectile dysfunction can start from a lower dose of Cenforce.

The best treatment is not just taking erectile dysfunction drugs. It has to totally stop on smoking. The gradual steps can be taken with the help of a doctor so that any adverse impact of quitting the smoking is dealt with by the doctor. Only getting out of smoking will help the man to cure erectile issues permanently. Otherwise, smoking with age-related issues can aggravate the erectile issue.







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