Oolitic Aragonite – The Source for Nature Form of Calcium Carboante

Olitic aragonite is the only source for Calcium Carbonate. It is oolitic or egg shape particles naturally occurs from the biological and chemical process of precipitations present in the marine and the fresh water. It is dust-less and non-toxic so this mineral is widely in various industries like agriculture, marine, energy, glass etc. Pisa Carolina is one of the leading oolitic aragonite distributors industry can export aragonites to all over the country directly from the Bahamas island.

Oolitic Aragonite

The fully pure form of aragonite is known as oolitic aragonite which have a minimum quantity of other elements. It is available in abundant quantities and can be stored for long days. Many types of industries willing to buy this aragonite after seeing consistent performance benefits agriculture, marine culture, energy industry, glass manufacturing company, removing pollutants from other metals etc. Since the mineral has higher solubility level, the pH level also increases. It gives instant benefits to the crops. It also has negative zeta potential which repels viruses and bacteria that cause many fish diseases.

Formation of Aragonite form Oolitic mineral

Oolitic aragonites are egg-shape particles naturally forms in agitate marine water that saturated with the calcium bicarbonate. Due to the photosynthesis reaction and solar radiation the carbon dioxide lost in the atmosphere. It results in the separation of calcium carbonate and carbon dioxide from the calcium bicarbonate. The precipitated calcium carbonate forms as microscopic layers of interlocking crystals. These crystals are known as the pure form of Aragonite or oolitic aragonite. Aragonite forms from this process is unique and consists of only fewer traces of other elements

About Pisa Carolina

Pisa Carolina is a Bahamian and the US partnerships and licensed oolitic aragonite supplier has its hub in the Port district in Wilmington, DE. It was started in the year 2018 and the primary work is delivering quality aragonite minerals from the Bahamian island to the needed industries. The partnership with the Bahamian gives them the advantage to deposit aragonites into high amount. This company have the permission to move the cargo up to 65,000 metric tons of aragonites. Industries which need high-quality and fresh oolitic aragonites mineral can visit the company to get the quote details. To know more details about the company, visit their official website at https://pisacarolina.com/

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