Cadée Distillery Adds Another Feather in the Cap with Barrel-Finished Spirits

Clinton, Washington, January 20, 2020: Cadée Distillery is a well-known name among leading producers of maritime whiskey.  With a focus on creating Unique American Spirits and providing the finest tasting experience, the premium spirit manufacturer partners with leading distilleries in the US to create award-winning bourbon and rye, vodka, and gins based on their proprietary recipes. With a unique aging and maturing process in the Isle of Whidbey, Cadée Distillery brings to spirit lovers’ world-class whiskey, gin, and vodka. Recently, the master distiller Colin Campbell who established Cadée in 2015, has come up with Deceptivus Whiskey, and Cascadia Rye Whiskey both finished in port barrels imported from Portugal. The production of these barrel-finished, award-winning Whiskeys has added another feather in the cap that has led to the increasing popularity of Cadée.

Having won several awards like Gold Medal in Los Angeles International Spirits Competition, Silver medal in San Francisco World Spirits Competition and Beverage Tasting Institute, Deceptivus Straight Bourbon provides a great taste of unprecedented smoothness, sweetness, and balance. Likewise, Cascadia Rye Whiskey offers a fabulous experience to the spirit connoisseurs. Whether you want to stock your bar or immerse yourself in the incredible tasting pleasure of America’s finest whiskey or gin, or you want to add a zing to your celebration, Cadée’s incredibly crafted spirits will please even the most discerning pallets and provide you an unforgettable experience.

Available at a reasonable price, the premium class whiskey has made the right noise in the market. The exceptional Island Whiskey has led Cadée Distillery to carve a niche in the world of the American Spirits industry. Be it for the tasting experience or the invaluable benefits you may gain from the moderate use of high-quality whiskey, you will have to taste or consume it to experience the unique differences. People looking for the best Bourbon or Rye whiskey love the unforgettable tasting experience as well as the committed staff of Cadée, who make it a breeze to procure and taste some of the finest Coastal Whiskeys made in America.

With the vision and passion to craft unique spirits and provide smooth, distinctive and award-winning whiskeys to one and all, Cadée is committed to spread happiness and pleasure and fulfill the spirit requirements of individuals and groups not only in America but in different parts of the world. Let your friends and loved ones taste exquisitely crafted spirits or island Whiskeys with unique flavor profiles that will provide an unforgettable taste and bring you loads of accolades and compliments for your choice.

Scripting a new success story in the world of Spirits with America’s finest Whiskey, Cadée Distillery is well on its way to rule the world. If you are looking for an impressive gift option for your spirit lover friend that he or she would remember for long, just check out the online portal to purchase the most delicious and enjoyable whiskey that is not hard on the wallet and provide long-lasting pleasure.

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