Vilitra – against erectile dysfunction

Under an erectile dysfunction is defined as a sexual potency, in which man is no longer able to get an erection in whole or in part. In this case, men suffer from a lack of an erection, which in turn can severely affect the partnership and life. If you want to treat your erection problems, you must either see your doctor or treat yourself with medication. In this case the Vilitra 60mg can help. The product contains an active ingredient called Vardenafil, which can be used quickly and without high side effects.

With Vilitra 20mg, a product was created that effectively counteracts erectile dysfunction. The active ingredient vardenafil acts directly on the blood circulation in the limb. Vilitra 20mg is characterized above all by the quick effect, which is noticeable after 20 minutes. This effect lasts up to 12 hours. The big advantage of this product is that it has hardly any side effects and is therefore very well tolerated by men.

This sexual enhancer contains vardenafil, which relaxes the muscles in the region around the ***** and enables the correct amount of blood to flow to the *****. This in turn creates a harder, stiff erection. It happens to most men that you cannot get or maintain a hard erection during ***. This then leads to disappointment. Buy in our online pharmacy- at the absolutely cheapest price!!!

How to take Vilitra?

It is very easy to take, as the Vilitra 60 mg product is a required medication. However, this also means that these medications may only be taken once every 24 hours. Before taking it, make sure that no alcohol has been consumed and that there are no previous illnesses. The product is not to be used: for heart damage, kidney diseases, and liver diseases. The Vilitra 60mg is also unsuitable for vision disorders. That is why a visit to the doctor in advance can be very helpful. Patients who have already had a heart attack should not use the Vilitra 60mg. It is simply taken with water, around 30-40 minutes before sexual activity.

Vilitra 20mg – mechanism of action

Each Vilitra 20mg tablet contains 20mg Vardenafil. This active ingredient has a direct effect on smooth muscles. Relaxation occurs, which supports and encourages blood flow to the ***** and erectile tissue of the man. Men will notice that after taking Vilitra 20 mg, the erection is not only possible; it is also lasting and qualitative.

Vilitra 20mg – dosage

With Vilitra 20mg, the entire tablet should be taken. The best results can be achieved by taking it on an empty stomach. In addition, alcohol should also be avoided before consuming high-fat foods. In order to be effective, there should be a sexual stimulus. Repeated intercourse is also possible within this period. The daily dose of 20mg Vilitra should not be exceeded.

Are there any side effects with Vilitra 60mg?

The Vilitra 60mg can cause side effects. After several tests, however, these are not particularly extensive and only describe low intensities. However, as a person affected, you should pay attention to these side effects. If they occur, it is important to contact a doctor. The classic side effects include digestive problems, dizziness, headache, nausea, visual disturbances, sleep disorders. If these side effects do not go away after 4-5 hours, then you should consult a doctor.

Vilitra 20mg – high-risk patients

Men who have an allergy to the ingredient should under no circumstances swallow this sexual enhancer. For heart diseases of any kind, but also for heart attacks should also on Vilitra 20mg to be dispensed with. Low blood pressure, high blood pressure, and blood clotting disorders are not general contraindications. However, medical advice should be sought beforehand regarding the risks. The simultaneous intake of Fildena 100, nitrates, and nitrogen monoxides can lead to undesirable interactions.

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