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MortgageRight Rolls Out Mortgage Branching Business

MortgageRight is pleased to announce a national rollout of their highly successful mortgage branching business to be led by Alvaro Moreira and Mike Russo. Together, they will be responsible for locating, recruiting and coaching top-tier loan originators and branch managers.

MortgageRight is an independent mortgage banker that has nearly doubled in size over the past 12 months, standing out among industry peers because of its high employee retention and satisfaction rates made possible through unique compensation and pricing models.

EquityTrack Sponsors Silicon Slopes Startup Conversation for 2019

EquityTrack is pleased to announce it will be sponsoring the Silicon Slopes Startup Conversation for 2019. Founded in 2006, Silicon Slopes Startup Conversation is a nonprofit organization hosted monthly in Lehi, Utah. They have a mission of empowering Utah’s tech community to learn, connect and serve. The events reach an audience of 250,000 each month through their media channels and properties. They host more than 200 events annually, which includes the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit.

EquityTrack Launches Cloudraise Funding Software

EquityTrack is pleased to announce the launch of its innovative Cloudraise Funding Software. The company now provides issuers with software to raise money from investors and gain access to capital with the use of crowdfunding markets. There’s a direct offering to investors using SEC registration exemptions that include Reg A+, Reg D 506B and Reg 506C.

Users can now manage an equity crowdfunding campaign right from their website, rather than requiring a separate dashboard. Investors have the opportunity to fill out subscription documents, view any related documents, subscribe to the offering and purchase shares. EquityTrack provides clients an all-in-one solution for their fundraising needs.

SEP Investment – A Simplified and Qualified Retirement Plan for Investors

The Simplified Employee Pension Investment Retirement Account (SEP IRA) is a type of traditional IRA allows business owners to contribute towards their future retirements and employee’s retirement. One can open a SEP account with the help of any custodian and the employees have the option to choose where the amount is to be invested based on their retirement period and age. Generally the investments are made on stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

SEP Eligibility

To open a SEP account, all employees must satisfy the below three conditions.

  1. They must be at least a minimum age of 21 years old.

Tax Credits for Electric Vehicles 2019, 2020

Traverse City MI 8-3-2019 – Aside from contributing towards a healthy and stable environment, taxpayers who have made a green-conscious choice for their cars will also benefit from some valuable tax credits – The Electric Vehicle Tax Credits. As valuable as these tax credits are, there are some confusing rules regarding how they work. In a new guide, The American Tax Service answers all the common questions taxpayers might have about tax credits on plug-in electric vehicles.

The Standard Deduction and When You Should Take Advantage of it

Traverse City MI 8-3-2019 – Every taxpayer is entitled to claim standard deductions on their taxes but they are left with a choice to make. Taxpayers can either take the standard deduction or itemize their tax return. They can’t take both. So, what is the right choice? How does the standard deduction work and when can taxpayers claim it?

The standard deduction reduces the amount of taxable income and is very easy to claim. In recent times, the standard deductions for all filing statuses have doubled. And for the current tax year, the standard deduction is worth $12,000 for single taxpayers, $24,000 for married taxpayers filing jointly, and $18,000 if filing as the head of a household. The standard rate, however, gets smaller if someone else claims you as a dependent.

All California Lending is the best choice for hard money lending in California

Hard money rehab loans are used by short term investors to purchase any property quickly, renovate it and sell it for a profit. Long term investors, however, can use these loans to rehab and season the existing properties before re-financing. There are a number of situations that might precipitate hard money.  Investors who do not qualify for bank money due to credit or income documentation issues.  Investors who own too many properties.  Investors who need to close in a matter of days or weeks – as well as investors looking to leverage based on the repaired value of a property. Hard money rehab loans have flexible, make-sense requirements and guidelines. When it comes to trust, All California Lending is the best choice for hard money lending in California. Their hard money loans in California cap out at 80% loan to value on residential, and 75% loan to value on commercial property. On land, they can typically help secure a loan to value up to 50%. Also, there is no cap with regards to maximum loan amount, and they help with loans as small as $30k.

Bridging Finance Makes Securing Property Simple

New Zealand is a country that is full of opportunities in the property market. Our cities are growing rapidly and there are constantly big developments on the go. For those looking to get involved in the investment property market, a good financing option to look into can be bridging finance.

Bridging funds allow you to secure a property easily, by giving a much bigger loan than any bank would in this situation. As the namesake suggests, a bridging loan will bridge the gap between your investment property, and the secured investments you will gain from it.

Government Tax Lien Network – How to Get Rid of Federal Tax Liens?

Government Tax Lien Network is a prominent federal tax lien network. They are providing various tools and techniques to explore opportunities in real-world federal tax liens. Along with this, they are conducting regular GTLN seminar classes in various cities which are free to attend. It is very helpful to both the investors and taxpayers since it gives a complete knowledge about federal tax liens.

Nectar Offering Free Credit Checks for Borrowers Through Facebook Messenger

Nectar, a digital lending company based in Auckland, is doubling down on its commitment to fast, simple, 100% online borrowing by allowing users to access their credit score through Nectar’s Facebook Messenger chat platform. This new service is part of Nectar’s push to make borrowing as convenient and pain-free as possible, offering everything necessary to take out a loan without having to leave the comforts of home.

GetSavvi Health’s Comprehensive Plan Offers Hospital and Medical Benefits

GetSavvi Health is a renowned healthcare products provider in South Africa. With a belief that affordable and quality healthcare should be accessible to all, the company strives to offer the best private medical facilities at competitive rates. To make its vision a reality, GetSavvi Health provides specially curated health insurance plans to South African citizens.

Understanding that different people have varying needs, the company offers three health insurance plan options:

  • The Primary Care Plan that offers daily medical benefits
  • The Get Care Plan that offers hospital benefits during an emergency