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Dental Practice Management Software Market Research Report: Forecast up to 2025

An administrative tool which helps in the operation of dental practices is known as a dental management software. The software is inclusive of all non-clinical operational functions such as appointment bookings, accounting, patients’ accounts, patient monitoring analytics, report generation, medical records, and bill generation. The software is easy to use, saves time, regularizes data, and aids in maintaining a high-quality standard of patient care. Additional features can be added to the software to enhance the productivity such as anesthesia monitoring and use of radiographic systems.

Psoriatic Arthritis Pharmacotherapy Market Research Report: Forecast up to 2023

Psoriatic Arthritis is a type of chronic inflammatory arthritis that primarily affects toes and fingers followed by nail or skin psoriasis. The clinical features are varied but the major symptoms are peripheral arthritis, enthesitis, psoriasis, dactylitis and axial disease. According to Arthritis Foundation, the prevalence of psoriatic arthritis in patients suffering from psoriasis is approximately between 7% and 48%. Psoriatic arthritis appears most often between the age of 30 years and 50 years. The factors contributing to the pathogenesis of psoriatic arthritis are genetic factors, environmental factors and immunological factors.

Atherectomy & Thromboctomy Devices Market Research Report: Forecast up to 2023

Atherectomy is one of the important peripheral arterial disease treatment, in which, atherosclerosis from large blood vessels are removed by using minimally invasive surgical approach. In addition, this technique is used for the treatment of coronary arterial diseases. Thromboctomy, also known as pulmonary thromboctomy, is an emergency medical treatment, by which thrombus (blood clot) is removed from arteries and veins. Thromboctomy can be performed by two technologies, by using surgery or by percutaneous techniques. However, surgical thromboctomy technique is used rarely, due to less efficient results and high cost.

Radio-Controlled Genes Market Research Report: Forecast up to 2023

Genes are fundamental controlling structure in the living body, which contains all the information and hereditary data. It also contributes to the development, creation, and activity of all other cells. In addition, the genes assist in transfer of hereditary characteristics from one generation to other. The genes are encoded in double helical structured DNA (deoxyribose nucleic acid) while the transcription is continued by RNA (ribose nucleic acid) which is a monomer and assists in protein synthesis. The gene expression consists of two steps that separates protein-coding gene from its protein. The gene code is transcribed from DNA to messenger RNA and further it is translated from m-RNA to protein. Radio-controlled genetics is a science of remotely- activating genes inside the human body with the help of electromagnetic waves that guides the movement of nanoparticles injected in the body.

Antithrombin (recombinant) Market Research Report: Forecast up to 2024

Antithrombin is a protein present in the blood which acts as a natural anticoagulant through the regulation of thrombin. Thrombin plays a key role in the formation of blood clots and it becomes necessary in some cases to prevent clotting. Antithrombin comes to rescue in such conditions and blocks the blood clotting mechanism by inactivating the major blood clotting protein – thrombin. A low level of antithrombin may lead to unnecessary clotting while high levels of this protein may induce bleeding. The major causes of thrombosis are inactivity, blood vessel damage, medical and genetic conditions, pregnancy, obesity, and smoking. Antithrombotic drugs help in reduction of thrombus formation. Different antithrombotics affect different blood clotting processes like antiplatelet drugs, anticoagulants, and thrombolytic drugs. However, recombinant antithrombin has been developed and is commercially available that mimics the role of natural antithrombin in the body.

Handhelds in Healthcare Market Research Report: Forecast up to 2023

The introduction of portable handheld devices has greatly influenced many fields, including medical science. Healthcare professionals now use various handheld devices to provide point-of-care services to patients across the world. The handhelds in healthcare market has witnessed a remarkable growth due to the development of portable and highly precise patient monitoring devices. Moreover, with the amalgamation of advance technologies such as cloud-based mobile healthcare services and telemedicine with the handheld devices it is expected that the handheld in healthcare market will experience a significant growth in the near future.

The major types of handheld devices used in the healthcare industry are as follows:

Irradiation Apparatus Market Research Report : Forecast up to 2023

Global Irradiation Apparatus Market: Overview

Irradiation apparatus refer to devices capable of producing ionizing radiations such as x-rays, gamma rays, high speed neutron, alpha and beta particles, and electrons. A variety of instrument used across a number of applications and end-use sectors utilize irradiation features, with the fields of medicine and research being the primary takers. In the past few years, the market for irradiation apparatus has witnessed a significant rise in technological advancements and the entry of portable devices for use across veterinary, dental, and pediatric diagnosis. The market has witnessed growth at a healthy pace owing to the increased demand from key application sectors and the trend is expected to remain strong over the next few years as well.

Lactose monohydrate Market Research Report: Forecast up to 2023

Lactose monohydrate is an organic compound with the chemical formula C12H22O11. It is crystalline form of milk powder. It is employed as an pharmaceutical filler for the production of capsules and tablets. Lactose monohydrate is also known as milk sugar in the industry as it is a disaccharide sugar obtained from galactose and glucose found in milk. Lactose monohydrate appears as a white solid powder or pale yellow crystalline solid with a specific odor identical to milk. Lactose monohydrate is soluble in water. It is synthesized industrially through a two step process. First step involves crystallization of lactose solution by cooling to form crystals. Second step involves segregation of lactose crystals by centrifugation followed by drying. Lactose monohydrate has been generally recognized as safe (GRAS) for use in controlled quantities as an additive in edible products.

Single Agent Chemotherapy Market Research Report: Forecast up to 2020

Single agent chemotherapy refers to the treatment of cancer with a potent single chemotherapy drug instead of multiple chemotherapy agents. Though, the combination chemotherapy is standard treatment method in most of cancer cases, increasing burden of high risk side effects and adverse effects of combination therapy has promoted use of single agent in management of cancer. Single agent chemotherapy offers some advantages as compared to combination chemotherapy treatment such as in reducing negative effects on quality of life by minimizing toxicity and unwanted side effects. Sequential single-agent treatment is also gaining popularity because of the potential merits associated with single-agent chemotherapy. Single agent chemotherapy also allows for greater dose intensity of drug in some severe conditions.

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