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There are scores of extremely bright and talented students in Ukraine. Sadly, most of them face a bleak future. They aren’t just financially underprivileged. They are opportunity deprived. Their talents will not be fully realized. They face danger to their personal safety daily due to political unrest and corruption. Some live in deplorable conditions with no hope of escape.

These students deserve better. VoTo Tech Group (VTG), a pending nonprofit California corporation reminds all of us, that together, we can unite to make a difference. VTG is using a gofundme platform to raise funds.

Kalam Dreamz Foundation a Child Education NGO in Lucknow

In today’s age if we are ignoring education then we are ignoring life. Education is the only medium that gives everyone an equal platform and chance to live a fair life. Education doesn’t see any caste creed or race. It is equal for all and same for all. Education of children of secures the future of nation. Education directly impacts the growth of nation. Hence it is vital and critical, and needs much more attention that it has now. Here comes the role of Kalam Dreamz Foundation which is a Child Education NGO in Lucknow. It also works towards Child Education Awareness. Kalam Dreamz Foundation a NGO for Child Education has also developed many Child Education Centers in Lucknow. Child Education in India is fair in Upper Class and Middle Class Families. But when it comes to Lower Class of India, Child Education situation is very poor. Majority of Children from Lower Class are engulfed in Child Labor which makes it even worse. Children are not only deprived of their life, of their education, but are forced to work as labourers at such tender age. At age when they are supposed to learn, play, perform arts, make memories, they work as labours. 40% of India’s Population is below the age of 18 years which is whooping 400 million is the world’s largest child population. Hence comes the responsibility of making their future bright with education and not make their hands dirty with labour work. As per statistics less than half of India’s children between age of 6 and age of 14 go to school. This is very disheartening figure and we need to work upon it. Situation of child education in India is very alarming. What will happen when a country of the size of India will have over 3 million children living on the streets? At present India has over 150 million children working as bonded labourers. One out of every six girl child does not live to see her 15th birthday. What will happen when despite having a national policy for compulsory primary education, only 50% of children have access to education? We should ask ourselves this question. What will happen of India if these statistics don’t improve? This is the reason why Kalam Dreamz Foundation a Child Education NGO in Lucknow is worried about the future of Nation and children.

Mountain Bicycles Market 2017 – Giant, Trek, Specialized, Cannondale, Santa Cruz

Global Mountain Bicycles Market Report 2017 provides detailed analysis of Mountain Bicycles market, enclosing detailed study of Mountain Bicycles market for last few years and forecast up to year 2022. The Mountain Bicycles market report analyses the global Mountain Bicycles market from different angles to understand various factors impacting the global Mountain Bicycles market.

The reports enlightens the user with various applications, product type, end user of Mountain Bicycles market. Moreover, the Mountain Bicycles market report helps to understand the market trends, Mountain Bicycles growth aspects, utilization ration, supply and demand analysis, manufacturing capacity, raw material price trend and Mountain Bicycles price trend during the forecast period 2017 to 2022.

Local Entrepreneur Donates Land for New Orleans Homeless Rehabilitation Project

03, October 2017: Metairie based entrepreneur, real estate investor, and budding philanthropist Michael Wagner have provided an acre of land in New Orleans East to help create the first Santosha Village, a new start-up intended to help New Orleans’ homeless populations. 

It should be evident to anyone whose commute takes them through the CBD, underneath the I-10 bridge or down any major neutral ground that homelessness is a mounting issue for the city of New Orleans. A 2015 Unity report estimated that, on any given night, 1,703 people are sleeping on the streets of our city. Even worse, a new study conducted for the first time in 2016 found that 44 of New Orleans’ homeless died that year, the youngest of which being only 28 years old. 

Blood Donation Awareness Drives by Kalam Dreamz Foundation

Kalam Dreamz Foundation is a leading Blood Donation NGO in Lucknow. It caters to the need of needy people and people who are ready to give. It acts like a mediator in noble work of Blood Donation. In sphere of Blood Donation it’s not very difficult to persuade a prospective donor on blood donation if the donor is fully aware about blood donation procedure, facts and health issues. So the major important task that comes in forefront of Blood Donation is Awareness. It is critical. NGO’s like Kalam Dreamz Foundation and others can’t go for Television Advertisements that are meant for mass publicity as it is very costly and funds in NGO’s are always very scarce. Scope of Print Media is one option where awareness publicity can be done. Other Avenues are Brochures, Word of Mouth, BTL Activities, Road Shows, Displaying Marketing Collaterals at Doctors Place, and Marketing at Events. These Avenues can help in spreading awareness among the masses. With Kalam Dreamz Foundation they working very effectively and results are fantastic as the number of donors have risen dramatically. People have not only co operated well but have accepted all facts about Blood Donation. Large amount of participants were shocked to see facts about Blood Donation about how rapidly body becomes normal after blood donation. In sphere of Blood Donation Demand is high and supply is low. Many prospective donors were surprised to know about the Worlds Need of Blood. Blood can only be transferred from one body to another because it cannot be manufactured artificially. Hence it becomes solely to the discretion of the donor. But world has not become too mean to desert their fellow humans. Every year whooping 112.5 million blood donations are recorded which is a great number but still needs to be uplifted. One amazing fact goes like this, if you began donating blood at age 18 and donated every 90 days until you reached 60, you would have donated 30 gallons of blood, potentially helping save more than 500 lives! See for yourself how much difference a single soul can make in this world. Saving Five Hundred Lives is a deed that will surely reserve your ticket to heaven or least you will be remembered in their prayers. To facilitate healthy living Kalam Dreamz Foundation Organizes various Blood Donation camps in Lucknow and Blood Donation Centres in Lucknow, and of course we are working constantly to spread Blood Donation Awareness.

Center for Hospice Care Works with The Hospice Foundation to Aid Patients and their Families

Center for Hospice Care provides palliative and hospice care for patients with life-limiting illnesses. It receives support and donations from the Hospice Foundation.

[South Bend, 09/22/2017] – Patients with life-limiting illnesses in the advanced stages are not the only ones who need support and care. Their families need them, too. This is why Center for Hospice Care has partnered with the Hospice Foundation, a non-profit organization. With the foundations support, the hospice can carry out its mission to improve the quality of life of patients and their families through hospice and palliative care.

Kalam Dreamz Foundation a pioneer Blood Donation NGO in Lucknow

What is the best ever gift you can give to society at large. Yes, it is none other than blood. Blood Given to somebody is like life given to somebody. There is no denying to that, we as a society are at large in need of blood every second. While the world faces Blood Shortage, what are we doing at our end? Are we simply sitting on our couches and watching TV while criticizing the government for every pitfall in the system. Or are we really making a difference. Kalam Dreamz Foundation is making a difference by making Blood Donation its one of the motives. Kalam Dreamz Foundation has worked hard and with dedication to organize Blood Donation Camps in Lucknow and Blood Donation Centers in Lucknow. Kalam Dreamz Foundation has taken a vow to eradicate the Blood Supply Shortage in Lucknow. Kalam Dreamz Foundation in over the years has earned many followers and volunteers, who work nonstop to make dreams of Kalam Dreamz Foundation true. Kalam Dreamz Foundation has also tied up with many organizations where they conduct Blood Donation drives. One of the major challenges that Blood Donation sector faces is awareness. Kalam Dreamz Foundation has put all its efforts to create awareness about Blood Donation. It has organized Road shows, conducted BTL activities, interacted with real prospective donors, and launched campaigns to create awareness. Many people are afraid that if they donate blood, their own body will be deficient of blood. That is where awareness comes. The fact is that plasma in our blood is recovered after blood donation in just within 24 hours, while RBC’s are recovered after blood donation within 4 to 6 weeks. That’s it, you are again ready to donate your blood. Such facts are miles away from prospective donors at this point of time. There is a need to create awareness, and Kalam Dreamz Foundation has been successful in doing so in Lucknow. We take pride in organizing number of times Blood Donation Camps at Dreamz Group. Dreamz Group has extended their full support and overwhelmingly donated hundred’s units of blood to the organization. Kalam Dreamz Foundation has started a journey, and it’s going to last. What we ask you to do is come and join us in our endeavor to make it successful. With you we will accomplish the unaccomplished. Blood Donation in Lucknow has lots more to be worked upon, and it’s just a humble start.

Collagen & Gelatin Market for Regenerative Medicine Worth 679.9 and 94.9 million USD Respectively, by 2022

Download PDF Brochure at:  Collagen & Gelatin Market

The report Collagen & Gelatin Market for Regenerative Medicine (by Source (Bovine, Porcine, Marine), Application (Wound Care, Orthopedic, Cardiovascular)), Value and Volume Analysis – Global Forecast to 2022″, The global collagen market for regenerative medicine is projected to grow from USD 420.6 Million in 2017 to USD 679.9 Million by 2022, at a CAGR of 10.1% during the forecast period. The global gelatin market for regenerative medicine is projected to grow from USD 65.2 Million in 2017 to USD 94.9 Million by 2022, at a CAGR of 7.8% during the forecast period. The key factors propelling the growth of the global collagen and gelatin market for regenerative medicine include rising prevalence of chronic diseases, rapid growth in aging population, and growing government & private funding to support the development of regenerative medicine.

Global Lecture Capture Report Focused on Market Segments Manufacture, Size,Type, Region, application) and Forecast to 2023


The Global Smart Lecture Capture System Market is expected to reach approximately USD 10 billion by the end of 2023 with 26% CAGR during forecast period 2017-2023.


Market Research Future published a half-cooked research report on Lecture Capture System Market.Lecture Capture System Market Is Expected to Grow at a Higher Pace By 2023.


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