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Smart Textiles Market : Executive Summary, Introduction, Sizing, Analysis and Forecast To 2027

****** Smart textiles Market , by Function (Sensing, Energy Harvesting, Luminescence & Aesthetics, Thermo-electricity, & Others), By Type (Passive Smart, Active Smart, & Ultra-Smart), By End User Industry (Military and Protection, Architecture, Healthcare, Sports and fitness, Fashion and entertainment, Automotive, Others) and By Region (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East, & Africa) is expected to grow at a double digit CAGR for the period between 2019 and 2027.

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****** Social Services Market Characteristics, Forecast Size, Trends By 2023

TheBusinessResearchCompany published its Social Services ****** Market Report 2020 which provides strategists, marketers and senior management with the critical information they need to assess the ****** social services market. The report covers the social services market’s segments- educational services, social assistance, other educational services, colleges, universities, and professional schools, elementary and secondary schools, child day care services, and community and individual services.

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Oracle Services Market is Estimated to Exhibit CAGR of 15.2% by 2029 | Future Market Insights (FMI)

Future Market Insights (FMI), in its new research study, offers an incisive analysis of the Oracle services market and lays bare actionable insights into growth prospects of the market during 2019-2029. According to the study, the oracle services market reached a value of ~ US$ 7.5 Bn in 2018 and is estimated to grow by 13.6%, YOY, in 2019.

The research study opines that demand for cloud services among enterprises continues to see a significant uptick, with some of the key reasons being complex workloads, increased server functionality, and high component costs. This, in turn, is estimated to bring in new opportunities for the key service vendors to level up their sales performance in the ****** market space.

Skin Lightening Products Market Emerging Trends and New Technologies Research 2020–2023

Cosmetics & personal care industry has witnessed a substantial growth across the globe. Among the cosmetics, skin lightening products are gaining massive popularity among the consumers owing to the several factors. One of the major benefits offered by skin lightening products is to protect against strong UV rays of the sun due to which the

Based on product type, the ****** skin lightening products market has been segmented into creams & lotions, cleansers & toners, face masks, scrubs, and others. Among the product type, creams & lotions are expected to account for the major market share in the ****** skin lightening products market throughout the forecast period.

Licensed Sports Merchandise Market Opportunities, Industry Scenario and Forecast to 2023

Implementation of effective sports marketing helps in achieving financial success of sports clubs and organizations. Major market players are focusing on analyzing the purchasing behavior of the sports fans across the globe and strategizing product launches accordingly. Events such as FIFA World Cup and National Football League (NFL) are expected to create an attraction among sports lovers which in turn will boost the inclination towards purchasing licensed sports merchandise during the forecast period.

****** Electrical And Electronics Manufacturing Market, Industry Trends, Revenue Growth, Players By 2023

TheBusinessResearchCompany published its Electrical And Electronics Manufacturing ****** Market Report 2020 which provides strategists, marketers and senior management with the critical information they need to assess the ****** electrical and electronics manufacturing market. The report covers the electrical and electronics manufacturing market’s segments- electrical equipment manufacturing, navigational, measuring, electro medical and control instruments, and other components manufacturing, electronic products manufacturing electric lighting equipment manufacturing, household appliances manufacturing, power generation, transmission and control manufacturing, batteries manufacturing, communication and energy wire and cable, other electrical equipment, electronic products and component manufacturing, navigational, measuring, electro medical and control instruments manufacturing, audio and video equipment manufacturing, semiconductor and other electronic component manufacturing.

Laundry Detergents Market Analysis Revealing Key Drivers & Growth, Trends 2023

The laundry detergents market is expected to witness high growth in future, due to increasing e-commerce platforms across the globe. Moreover, growing usage of laundry services in the emerging economies is expected to aid the growth of laundry detergents market.

Based on product type, the ****** laundry detergents market has been segmented into bars, powder, liquid, pods, and others. The liquid segment accounted for the maximum market share in 2017 and is expected to grow at a higher rate during the forecast period due its increasing usage in residential and commercial sectors such as hospitality industry, laundry services, textile industry, and others. Residential sector includes its usage in household cleaning.

Fatty Alcohol Alkoxylates Market Trends | Strategies, Size, Share, Growth, Demand, Industry Analysis, Key Player profile and Regional Outlook by 2023

Fatty Alcohol Alkoxylates Market – Market Overview

Fatty alcohol alkoxylates are gaining traction in the non-ionic surfactants market with increasing demand for biodegradable and non-toxic surfactants in the prominent end-use industries such as household cleaning, I&I cleaning, personal care and textiles among others. Environmental feasibility of fatty alcohol alkoxylates under high regulation in developed market is significant factor driving the fatty alcohol alkoxylates market growth at CAGR of 5.0% during forecast period.

Amino Resins Market Trends | Research, Size, Share, Growth, Demand, Industry Analysis, Key Player profile and Regional Outlook by 2023

Amino resins are produced by copolymerization of aldehyde with amino compound. They are commonly used as curing agents in specialized coatings due to their ability to increase coating hardness and enhance solvent resistance. They are widely formulated with epoxies, alkyds, epoxy esters, polyvinyl butyrals, thermosetting acrylics, and oil free polyester resins. They are utilized for large scale manufacturing applications as they are suitable to meet the volume demands with less time requirement. They are widely utilized as surface coatings, laminate flooring, textile finishers, and paper processing in various end use industries such as electrical and electronics, furniture, building & construction, automotive, and others.

Phenolic Antioxidant Market | Growth, Size, Share, Demand, Industry Analysis, Key Player profile and Regional Outlook by 2023

Growth of end use industries of phenolic antioxidants has sparked a high rate of growth in the industry. Market Research Future which specializes in market reports related to the chemicals and material sector amongst others lately issued a report on this industry. The market is estimated to develop at CAGR of 5.10% to attain a USD 1830.05 million in revenues till 2023.

The expansion of the market has gained dominance primarily due to the increased demand being observed from its end use industries. Its end use industries like fuel and lubricants, cosmetics and pharmaceutical have rapidly increased the scope of applications for the market.

Thiodiglycol Market | Research Reports, Size, Share, Growth, Demand, Industry Analysis, Key Player profile and Regional Outlook by 2023

Market Research Future Published a Research Study on Thiodiglycol Market Research Report, Size, Share and Industry Analysis – Forecast to 2023

Thiodiglycol (TDE), also known as bis (2-hydroxyethyl)sulfide, Thiobis Ethanol, and 2,2-thiodiethanol, which is represented by linear formula C4H10O2S, or S(CH2 CH2OH )2. It is a transparent, flammable, volatile, and clear to pale yellow liquid. Thiodiglycol used as a solvent in the various industry ranging from inks to dyeing textiles.