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YouTube’s Prince Friend Interviews the Magnificent Shelby J

Shelby J.’s debut album titled “10” honors the ten years she performed with Prince.

Tampa, FL, Feb 16, 2019 — To celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, YouTube’s Prince’s Friend has a sweet treat in store for his viewers with the release a special two-part interview with an extraordinary woman from the Prince alumni camp– singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, and social activist, Shelby J.

Shelby Johnson is a native of Greensboro, North Carolina and has been gracing stages around the world with a number of notable musical phenoms over the past 20 years. None have been more legendary though than Prince Rogers Nelson who dubbed her as “Shelby J.” in 2006.

Remotedesk delivers over 30,000 hours of secured monitoring

New York, NY (January 28th, 2019) – Remotedesk by Verificient Technologies, has delivered over 30,000 hours of secured monitoring and has partnered with call centers and legal remote outsourcing staffing companies to accomplish this milestone. 

Remotedesk client Bicoastal Legal, a remote e-Discovery legal workforce solutions company, has capitalized on the implementation of Remotedesk into their eDiscovery document process. Not restricted by location, Bicoastal Legal has been able to increase their pool of highly experienced attorneys, monitor their work days and inspect hours billed. Remotedesk has helped Bicoastal Legal maintain confidentiality and quality in the laborious document review process while realizing cost predictability and time management.  

Testing and Commissioning Market Growth by Region, Industry share, Size, Trends, Opportunities and Top Market Players

The global testing and commissioning market has experienced positive growth over the past few years. This can be attributed to the growing collaborations between leading manufacturers to expand their geographical presence along with increasing demand for these services in the emerging export markets.

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Indianapolis, IN – Indianapolis based infrared inspection firm, Infrared Technologies Indiana announced it has implemented a new Industrial Electrical Inspection program, The Industrial Infrared Electrical Inspection program utilizes more than 25 years of industry knowledge as independent certified thermographers. This program gives industrial clients the most thorough and objective electrical inspection of their equipment and facilities.

The Industrial Infrared Inspection Program utilizes the newest infrared cameras to inspect panels, transformers, buss ducts, MCC’s, switchgear, and motors. Since infrared is thermal imaging, any “hot spots” caused by loose connections, overloads, or unbalanced loads are easily detected and can be tagged to be fixed.

Social Networking Market 2024 Business Analysis Report by Current Industry Size and the Future Potential of the Sector

The revolution of smartphones and increasing penetration of internet connectivity play a major role in driving the growth of social networking market. With social websites and applications being among the most used features on mobile, the coming years is certainly expected to see social media sites and optimized web becoming the norm, and contextualized real-time and geo-targeted content, a necessary component in every digital marketing strategy. Integrated social advertising, social video and agile marketing are some of the other important drivers of the global social networking market.

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Global Photoresist and Photoresist Ancillaries Market Size, Share, Application, Product Type & Forecast by 2023

The global photoresist and photoresist ancillaries market has witnessed a steady growth over the past years. This has been a result of various factors such as rising production of high-density packaging, growing market for semiconductors and developments in NEMS.

Knack Systems Boosts Digital Transformation at Inventia Healthcare Limited with SAP Sales Cloud

Maharashtra, India – Feb, 2019 –  Knack Systems, a fast-growing Customer Engagement and Commerce consulting firm, today announced the successful implementation of the SAP Sales Cloud at Inventia Healthcare Ltd. — a pharmaceutical development and manufacturing company in India, now present across various markets through its partners.

Inventia Healthcare, with its flexible business model, is focused on expanding its research and development and manufacturing capabilities by foraying into high-growth areas, including the injectables segment. One of the many objectives of the project was to implement an end-to-end pre-sales application to capture product attributes, phases, and all information specific to pre-sales processes and allow the centralization of all contact and lead data in one platform.

Distributed Antenna Systems Market Outlook To Reach $13.78 Billion By 2025: Grand View Research, Inc.

San Francisco, 12 February 2019; The global distributed antenna systems market size is expected to reach USD 13.78 billion by 2025, according to a study conducted by Grand View Research, Inc. It is anticipated to register a CAGR of 11.4% during the forecast period. Key factors driving the demand for Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) include proliferation of connected devices in Internet of Things (IoT), mobile data traffic, and demand for extended network coverage and constant connectivity. Additionally, an increase in higher-bandwidth applications and in-building demand is also supporting the market growth.

Linear Actuators 101 – All there is to Know about Linear Actuators

Firgelli automations publishes info sheet to help you understand all the terminology used, and to give you an understanding on how Linear Actuators work and operate.

What is a Linear Actuator?

An electric linear actuator is a device that converts the rotational motion of a motor into linear motion – that is, it will provide both push and pull movements.

By pushing and pulling it is possible to lift, drop, slide, adjust, tilt, push or pull objects, simply by pushing a button.

Global Wearable Electronics Market Manufacturer, Technology Analysis, Industry Trends & Opportunity by 2023

In recent years, the global wearable electronics market has witnessed a robust growth. This can be accredited to the rising demand for smartphones, advent of mobile wireless systems and increasing adoption of wearable electronics in industries like healthcare and sports and fitness.

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