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****** electric bus market was valued at over US$ 35 Billion in 2018

****** Electric bus market units is expected to surpass 820,150 units by 2028, finds Bekryl Market Analysts. The industry was valued at US$ 37 billion in 2017. While China will register single digit growth rate, rest of the world will attain double digit growth during the forecast period. As such, many companies including China based players are actively engaged in business expansion in Europe, Asia and North America.
Bekryl’s market research report, ‘****** Electric Bus Market Size Analysis and Industry Opportunity’, finds China to account for 98.5% of ****** sales in 2018. China not only leads in electric bus production but also the highest sales. This has created remarkably higher market opportunity for industry players in the country. As per the estimates, China will be able to replace 92% of conventional buses with electric buses by 2028. The industry is highly fragmented with presence of large number of government supported companies. Yutong accounted for majority of the regional share.
Some key trends from the ****** electric bus market:
Trend#1: Plant Expansion
Demand for electric bus has significantly increased in last few years. Various government is actively encouraging the deployment of e-buses with lucrative incentives. As such, companies are not only strengthening their marketing channels but also focusing on setting up production plant across continent. Plant expansion is a part of strategic importance. Pricing plays a key role in overall bus tenders. As such, local/regional production plants will greatly reduce the operational cost and ensure higher return on investment (ROI) on long term duration.
Companies are strategically focusing on plant capacity addition in order to lower supply chain gap. For instance, in 2017, BYD Company set up new electric bus manufacturing plant at Komaram, Hungary, in order to cater to growing demand in Eastern Europe. Another company Proterra set up manufacturing plant at Los Angeles, U.S. in the same year.
Trend#2: Focus on Battery Technology
Various electric bus manufactures focus on enhancing their battery technology and charging solutions through partnership and product development. These manufacturers focus on prolonging the bus run duration as well as minimizing the charging duration.
In 2017, Proterra Inc. partnered with LG Chem, a South Korea based chemical company, in order to develop battery cell optimized for the heavy duty vehicle market. Similar development is witnessed across other leading companies.
For more trends and updates, click here:
Some key ****** electric bus market players are Yutong, New Flyer of America, BYD Company Limited, AB Volvo, Daimler AG, Proterra, Inc., and Zhongtong Bus & Holding Co., Ltd.,. Also, other key contributors are Ashok Leyland, Ltd., Solaris Bus & Coach S.A., EBUSCO, Shenzhen Wuzhoulong Motors Co., Ltd, and Alexander Dennis Limited.
Electric Bus Industry Revenue Analysis By:
By Vehicle Type:
· Hybrid Electric Vehicle
· Battery Electric Vehicles
By Charging Infrastructure:
· Ground Contact
· Roof Pantograph
· Gantry Pantograph
· Plug Only
· Induction
By Application:
· Shuttles
· Transit Buses
· School Buses
· Others
By Coach Length:
· 10-11 Meter
· 12-13 Meter
· 14-16 Meter
· >18 Meter
By Drive train Technology:
· Parallel Hybrid
· Series Hybrid
· Series Parallel Hybrid
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Mass Flow Controller Market to reach a market size of $1.4 billion by 2024- KBV Research

According to a new report ****** Mass Flow Controller Market, published by KBV Research, The ****** Mass Flow Controller Market size is expected to reach $1.4 billion by 2024, rising at a market growth of 6.6% CAGR during the forecast period.


The Asia Pacific market would dominate the ****** Semiconductors Mass Flow Controller Market by Region by 2024, growing at a CAGR of 6.5 % during the forecast period. The Europe market is expected to witness a CAGR of 4.4% during (2018-2024). Additionally, The North America market is expected to witness a CAGR of 3.2% during (2018-2024).

Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) Market Key Players, Industry Overview, Supply and Consumption Demand Analysis to 2025

18th June 2019: The ****** Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) Market is expected to reach USD 72.25 billion by 2025. Factors such as lower time to market (TTM) rates and improved user experience are spurring the market growth in recent years. Applications of business process as a service (BPaaS) presents start to end provision for different business processes like management of user accounts, financial databases of an organization, human resource management, administration of financial funding, and customer-related services and support. Business process as a service (BPaaS) allows organizations to optimize financial expenditures while evaluating operational cost of a business, which is vital at each level of the business process.

Multi-Factor Authentication Market Manufacturers Analysis | Competitive Insights up to 2025

18th June 2019: ****** Multi-Factor Authentication Market is expected to reach USD 17.76 billion at a CAGR as the scope and its applications are rising enormously across the globe. To confirm the user’s identity for a login or other transaction, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a security system that needs more than one technique of verification from independent groups of credentials. The aim of MFA is to create a layered defense that helps to protect personal and official data from an unauthorized person. It is built from a grouping of biometric validation techniques, physical techniques, and logical techniques to protect product or service and a facility. The multi-factor authentication market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15.07% by 2025.

Robert Miller Congratulates Future Team for Wakefield-Vette Highest POS Revenue Growth Award Win

Montreal, Canada (bizpr) June 18, 2019 – Future Electronics, a ****** leading distributor of electronic components, recently won Wakefield-Vette’s 2018 Highest POS Revenue Growth Award.

Wakefield-Vette, a ****** leader in thermal management solutions, presented Future Electronics with the award in recognition of their outstanding point-of-sales growth, which led all other distributors in the electronic components industry.

Robert Miller, President of Future Electronics, thanked everyone on the Future team who contributed to Wakefield-Vette’s excellent sales performance.

Types of CHT Probes used in Aircraft

Types of CHT Probes used in AircraftTo begin with, any temperature probe (such as the CHT probe), is a thermocouple type probe.

For the uninitiated, a thermocouple is formed at the joint between two metals. When the joint is heated, a very small voltage measured in millivolts is generated. Higher the temperature, higher the voltage. Also, each metal combination is best suited for a specific temperature range. The type of thermocouple indicates the metal combination. Three types of thermocouple probes are used in aviation EGT, CHT and TIT Probe.

Types of CHT probes:

There are three basic types of CHT probes; J, K and E

Hirose’s ix Industrial Series High-Speed Connectors Featured in Latest FLS All in 1+ NPI Newsletter

Montreal, Canada (bizpr) June 17, 2019 – Future Electronics, a ****** leading distributor of electronic components, is featuring the IX Industrial series of connectors from Hirose in this month’s FLS All in 1+ NPI Newsletter.

The ix Industrial connector features small robust design for use in industrial environments. The high-speed transmission design contributes to equipment evolution and smart manufacturing applications.

Click here to view the most recent edition of the FLS All in 1+ NPI Newsletter, featuring the latest in lighting technology. To see the entire portfolio of Hirose products available through Future Electronics, visit:

Robert Miller Thanks Future Lighting Team for Innovative Growth Strategies Workshop at LIGHTFAIR 2019

Montreal, Canada (bizpr) June 17, 2019 – Future Lighting Solutions recently participated in the 30th edition of LIGHTFAIR in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

As part of the pre-conference, FLS presented the highly-anticipated workshop, Growth Strategies for Existing and Emerging Lighting Applications. The workshop was led by Patrick Durand, Worldwide Technical Director at Future Lighting Solutions, and explored different ways that lighting OEMs can leverage the latest design tools to accelerate their growth.

Robert Miller, President of Future Electronics, thanked Durand and congratulated everyone on the Future team for putting together the innovative workshop at LIGHTFAIR.

Portable Clinical Analyzer Market Trends, Outlook Analysis, Segmentation by Application and End-User to 2028

Portable clinical analyzer is an analyzer commonly used in healthcare domain which is used to conduct critical tests such as blood gases, electrolytes, metabolites, and coagulation tests. Portable clinical analyzer is mainly used in hospitals at patient’s bedside for fast health checkup and instant treatment decision making.

Recently, portable clinical analyzers are made available with efficiency features making them superior over conventional analyzers. Portable clinical analyzer requires a few blood drops (lesser quantity) for testing which lies between 65 and 95 µl. Providing quick quality test results is one of the prime factors that is contributing to the market of portable clinical analyzers.

Automotive Tire Market Poised to Expand at a Robust Pace Over 2018-2026

The ****** automotive tire market is estimated to witness huge growth across key regions such as North America, Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ), Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Japan, and Middle East and Africa (MEA) over the forecast period (2018-2026).

Drivers and Trends

The developing technology which is positively affecting to change future scenario of tires, rising mergers and acquisitions with the motive of growth of retail network, rising use of tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) thereby increasing awareness of tires and its functionality among consumers are some key factors that are boosting growth of the market. Increasing preference of consumers to buy tires through online channels and trend of switching to green tires as an environment friendly option and reduction in selling price of small tires are some other factors positively influencing growth of the automotive tire market.

TaxFree4U gives real-time refunds into WeChat

TaxFree4U and WeChatPay joined. To provide tax free refund to WeChat wallets for Chinese travelers.

Tax Free Refund to WeChat Wallets. TaxFree4U and WeChat Pay Made It Happen. WeChat Pay and TaxFree4U, the biggest China mobile payment platform and innovation mobile application, have recently signed partnership. To enable Chinese tourists refund on their purchases via TaxFree4U app. According to iResearch in 2018, mobile payment transactions in China reached 7.5 trillion USD. Making the country the largest mobile payments market in the world. In contrast to other countries, China is also the biggest source of outbound travelers because to the country’s population.
Why cooperation started.Therefore it would be very imprudent to ignore a market like this. Consequently, WeChat Pay and TaxFree4U launched collaboration. To offer an instant tax refund service for Chinese tourists leaving from France, Italy, Spain and Germany.
Benefit for Shopper. Using the TaxFree4U mobile app user has a lot of benefits. The tedious tax refund process at airports and long-term expectation of to get rebates for purchases made during overseas trips is a thing from the past for Chinese tourists. This app gives convenient for Chinese travelers to get tax refunds on purchases making in overseas trips in Europe.
While using those instant tax refund service. Users can get their refunds settled in yuan and withdraw them to their WeChat Wallet immediately via TaxFree4U mobile app. Only when their tax refund forms are stamped and approved at the airport counter. Unique advantages of TaxFree4U mobile service are simple and fast declaration validation process as well as the best refund rate. Most importantly with it’s help tourists can get about 2% more than with other services.
Flexability and customer focus. TaxFree4U is flexible and expects a lot of reviews which will help to improve the service for Chinese market. The rising affluence of Chinese consumers and the boom in outbound China tourism also made it attractive for WeChat Pay to facilitate tax refunds. This e-Taxfree service will enhance TaxFree4U footprint in the Chinese region. TaxFree4U providing a platform to bring its innovations and service focus to the whole region.
About TaxFree4U.  The TaxFree4U mobile application service increases the speed and accessibility of the tax refund system. Simply by scanning their passports and adding the receipts of purchases. Certainly this new service will allow Chinese shoppers to: Utilize specially designed terminals and kiosks, as well as their computers and smartphones, to process their tax refunds without paperwork. Users can register online and start adding the receipts straight after the purchases. During the day or even faster, depending on the client departure time, TaxFree4U mobile application generates tax free form, which should be validated by tax-free officer in the airport.
TaxFree4U presence. App is now available on the stores such as: and You can easile found a TaxFree4U mobile app by typing the taxfree4u to input line. Company working above distribution of app to the popular Chinese stores. As a result, we’ll possible for ease of use by Chinese users.