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Care Services For Seniors In Belton, TX

Belton, TX/2019: The golden years of human life come with a set of unique requirements such as constant care and assistance with day to day tasks. It is in furtherance of these requirements that Luvida Memory Care offers living facility to seniors suffering from dementia. The organization’s main endeavor is to assist family members and residents in coping with issues related to old age by providing care services in a safe and comforting environment.

It is an assisted living home located in Belton, TX focused solely on assisting and enriching the lives of its residents. The caregivers at the assisted living center are thoroughly trained and experienced in caring for & looking after the seniors.

Assisted Living Center For Dementia Patients In Belton, TX

Belton, TX/2018: Patients with Dementia require a caring, safe and comforting environment to thrive in. The amount of care required is difficult to provide at home. However, assisted living centers such as Luvida Memory Care in Belton, TX, specialize in offering their residents superior services and the right environment.

Since its inception, it has been committed towards providing round-the-clock assistance and services that enrich the lives of residents. The caring staff is thoroughly trained to take care of the seniors residing in its premises. The assisted living center diligently works to provide each and every resident with an individualized form of care. The center provides a wide array of programs to keep its residents involved, jovial and to help them regain confidence in themselves. It serves residents across Waco, Temple and Belton.

Senior Living Center In Belton, TX

Belton, TX/2018: Senior living centers provide the elderly who are not capable of taking care of themselves with various services and amenities to improve the quality of their lives. This gives them the feeling of home away from home. Luvida Memory Care is one such senior living center in Belton, TX that is committed towards caring for the elderly with dignity and grace.

It is a senior living facility that provides superior services, comfort and care to residents in Belton, TX. Seniors with Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia are provided with constant care. They are given a caring environment that feels like home. Dignified and graceful treatment of each resident is of utmost importance at the facility. A number of services and enrichment programs are provided for the holistic well-being of the residents.

Services & Amenities Offered By Luvida Memory Care

Belton, TX/2018: Old age comes with its unique requirements in terms of assistance and a caring environment in which the elders can enjoy a high quality of life in spite of their mental and physical condition. Luvida Memory Care is one such organization which is committed towards assisting its residents and their families in coping up with old age related issues by providing them quality services  and a comforting environment.
An assisted living home in Belton, TX is focused solely on enriching the lives of senior citizens affected by Alzheimer’s and Dementia. The care assistants at the living care center are thoroughly trained to cater to the needs of residents, thereby providing them a happy and healthy environment to live in.
Services And Amenities Offered
    • Personal Hygiene: Assistance in daily dressing, grooming, showering and bathing by well trained staff. Each senior is provided with a         private half bathroom.
    • Mobility Assistance: Modified mobility assistance is provided to each resident as per his/her unique requirements.
    • Medication Management: Assistance in taking the correct dosage of medications at the right time by staff members. Special nursing            staff is available at all times for this purpose.
    • Medical Care: Provision for treatment rooms in the facility where medical/rehabilitation personnel can visit.
Other Services
    • Housekeeping services.
    • Laundry services.
    • Incontinence management.
    • There meals and three snacks daily.
    • Round the clock availability of nursing staff.
    • Relaxation/quiet time in the afternoon.
    • In-room safety with advanced safety features.
    • Family special event is organized. It is a monthly education program where families of the residents are involved.
Why Choose Them?
    • Licensed facility to exclusively care for residents with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.
    • Well trained staff.
    • An activity director is appointed to ensure the residents are occupied with interesting and beneficial activities throughout the week.
    • Locally owned and operated.
    • Individualized activities and care plans.
For more information about Luvida Memory Care, feel free to call at (254) 613-4119 or visit 2400 Piazza Drive, Belton TX 76513. You can also log on to http://luvidacare.com/

Center For Patients Of Dementia & Alzheimer’s In Belton, TX

Belton, TX/2018 – Assisted living comes to the rescue of senior citizens who are not capable of taking care of themselves and their basic needs due to weakening of mental and physical faculties with age. Luvida Memory Care is an assisted living community that aims to enrich the lives of seniors in every possible way.

It was formed with an aim to help seniors with Alzheimer’s and Dementia by providing round the clock assistance at every stage. The senior care home has well trained care attendants who provide an individualized approach to seniors residing at the facility. The mission of the facility is to take care of seniors with utmost dignity and grace while helping them enjoy the highest quality of life.

Senior Living Care Center In Waco, TX

Waco, TX/2018: Seniors often tend to ignore themselves and their needs as they age. To ensure that they get proper care, it is best to opt for assisted living. Luvida Memory Care is an assisted living community focused on enriching the lives of senior citizens.

It specializes in offering help to seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia. They have a high staff to resident ratio to ensure proper care. The mission of the assisted home is to provide constant care to senior citizens in Belton, Waco and Temple. Special care is taken to ensure the residents are treated with utmost dignity and grace.