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Growth Hacking – Webigg Technology

Growth Hacking describes a discipline that combines various methods of digital marketing with the goal of efficient growth. It’s all about improving your so-called “NORTH STAR METRIC” – the one and only, most important, KPI – which is crucial to the success of your business. A Growth Hacker is an interdisciplinary marketing manager who understands virality, PR, SEO, SEM, product design (basics), UX, marketing tools (technology stack), email marketing, content marketing, funnel marketing, behavioral psychology, brand positioning, and storytelling. These disciplines are traditionally organized in separate departments in larger organizations – Growth Hackers combine those and act across them.

Digital Marketing Ideas for Startups to Succeed

Social media marketing

The most effective tool in the hands of a marketer is free, easily available and highly effective if used the right way. Establishing a strong presence online is possible through setting up social media profiles on relevant social media channels; ones that are aligned with the nature of your business.

Being present on social media can be highly beneficial for businesses for a number of good reasons. First, it becomes easy for your brand to disseminate information to your target audience. Secondly, almost all social media channels offer insights and analytics that helps you identify the type of content that your target audience likes consuming. Lastly, content can easily go viral on social media, and you never know when it can be your brand going viral!

What Is Inbound Marketer

An online marketing plan, or rather a successful and comprehensive one, is a combination of numerous and varying marketing techniques. A powerful marketing plan includes social media marketing, content marketing, inbound marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, growth hacking, website design and maintenance, lead generation, paid ads and so on. In most cases, customers do not know the differences between these methods and find it difficult to decide which specialist they need to hire for their business.

Inbound Marketing

What Is Growth Hacking

Since Sean Ellis coined the phrase in 2010, the internet has been a growth hacking fest. Sean’s first definition of a growth hacker was: “a person whose true north is growth.” Shortly after, growth-focused marketing, sales, development, and project management folks started redefining their objectives as “growth hacking.”Practicing growth hacking in your company is about applying engineering to marketing. It’s about building systems that allow you to create tests and learn from them, so that you can move forward with the strategies that yield the highest rate of growth.

Growth hacking strategies

Online Reputation Management Part – 2

“Online reputation management.” Even if you’ve never heard this phrase before, you probably have a good sense of what it means. The first part (“online reputation”) is easier than ever for you or anyone else to find — just search for your camp’s name in Google.

Finding your online reputation is easy due to two main factors:

Google is smarter than ever before. It features search results based on local factors, can autocomplete user’s searches while they type (called “Google Instant”), and tirelessly crawls the massive number of social networking sites now available.

SEO Versus AdWords

The best practice is to use a mixture of both SEO and Adwords to keep your brand top of mind for internet searchers. Even though you rank in top positions in the organic search results, you should still consider using AdWords to target users who might not be as familiar with your brand.

Here are a few other factors to consider when debating how much of your resources to spend on SEO and AdWords.

Webigg Technology Is One The Best

Webigg Technology is one the best and strong marketer in the world of Online Marketing and advertisement. We don’t believing making those promises which we can can’t fulfil and let down later on. The client is an asset but the product we are working for is our reputation so we strongly focus to choose and market those keywords which are unique and used often by the web user.

Online Marketing Company

Internet Marketing Company

Points That Must Be Noted Before Getting The Business Listed Online On Google Local List

1.) Accuracy


When you provide any information on the Google Local listing, it is important that you are absolutely accurate with the information you are updating. Google takes pride in authenticated information and in the case of any kind of malpractice your business will be taken down immediately. Thus, make sure while you’re dealing with Google it’s better to play fair.


2.) Be Informative


How Does Retargeting Work

Retargeting marketing works by following your website visitors, or your audience, as they travel throughout the web. When a person visits your site, a browser cookie is dropped. (A browser cookie is a small piece of data that embeds itself in a user’s browser, making it possible to see what websites the user is visiting). After the cookie is dropped, the cookie will follow the user as they travel to other sites on the web. Then, the cookie will implement the retargeting strategy by putting out an ad for your business, encouraging the user to return to your site. The ads are only dropped, or targeted, for users who have already shown interest in your site but haven’t yet made a purchase.

Consider Using Your Keywords In The Videos Title

Consider using your keywords in the videos title. This is one of the main bits of information that YouTube and Google use to decide what your video is about.

If your video is about another YouTuber then use their username in the title, this may help your video show up more in their related videos section.

Describe your video thoroughly. Most people ignore this step, but you should take it seriously to increase your views. Describe your video as accurately as possible in the space you are given, taking 2-3 paragraphs to write an interesting and precise description of what people can expect when they see the video. This is another great opportunity to include your keywords and search terms for a higher chance of your video being found.

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