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At PeopleCoach Digital Transformation Begins with People

Marina Del Rey, California (bizpr) May 13, 2019 – PeopleCoach – Digital Solution Lab, combines neuroscience, behavior, and Agile methodology to build custom-tailored business solutions. These solutions are designed to address complex modern-day issues ranging from building the right product and faster value delivery, to built-in quality and improving culture for sustained learning and development at-scale.


“Beware of staff augmentation disguised as digital transformation. There’s plenty of consulting companies out there, who unleash dozens of uncoordinated contractors, siphoning away your budget, but never bringing about measurable change. We link the right culture with the right strategy and never lose sight of one important fact; Our customers want more than to just check the boxes, they want to win. Our Digital Solution Lab helps them do just that.” says D. Ray Freeman, CEO of PeopleCoach.

Peoplecoach Take Your Career to the Next Level through Effective Coaching

Marina Del Rey, California (bizpr) April 16, 2019 – Since 2015, Peoplecoach is the destination, where people and process come together to build a culture of success. Their skilled coaches play many roles on facilitator, trainer, mentor, and counselor.


When asked about their services, “Our skilled coaches will works hard to understand your current reality and share your vision. At the enterprise, team or program level, we have coaches that identify gaps and put plans into action to accelerate reaching the outcomes you need. Our coaches are equipped with practical-real-world experience in team agility and effective methods to scale. It’s our goal to enable your organization to find its own solutions to address and overcome enterprise challenges,” replied the spokesperson of Peoplecoach.

Improving Communication for Better Relationships! Pip McKay Releases Inspiring New Breakthrough Bestseller to Promote Compassion!

Dallas, Texas – March 19, 2018 – A coveted personal transformation coach and a certified NLP practitioner, Pip McKay has now authored a new book to help people overcome boundaries by improving their communication skills. While her previous literary endeavors have made her a #1 Amazon best-selling author, she is bound to accomplish more with this recent release. The book aims to help readers overcome communication problems to find compassion and strength in all walks of life. McKay has utilized a parable to teach the readers about how differences between people can often just be miscommunications, and they can be overcome easily.