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Coated Abrasives Market Share, Competitive Analysis and Industry Segments Poised for Strong Growth in Future 2022


Technological progress and growth in industrialization have provided substantial opportunity for the Coated Abrasives Market to ensure expansion. The ****** Coated Abrasives Market, by adhering to these tractions, is expecting a growth by 6.3% during the forecast period (2017-2022). Its features make it a perfect choice for areas like metal and alloy molding. At the same time, the growth in the manufacturing sector is providing traction to the ****** Coated Abrasives Market.

The Coated Abrasives Market to gain much from the semiconductor manufacturing industry. The sector is gaining much from the boom taking place in countries such as China, Japan, and Taiwan. These countries are making a name as robust suppliers of semiconductors owing to which the Coated Abrasives Market in the region can gain substantial boost.

Coated Abrasives Market ****** Industry Analysis and Forecast 2013 – 2019 | TMR

Coated abrasives are the abrasive products manufactured by gluing synthetic and natural abrasive grains such as aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, zirconia alumina, emery and garnet. These abrasive grains are supported by materials such as paper, cloth, fiber and polyester film. Coated abrasives are manufactured in the form of jumbo rolls, which are then cut into various shapes that include belts, discs, sheets and rolls for polishing and surface-treatment applications.
Coated abrasives are used to grind, scour, clean, abrade or remove solid material by rubbing action or by impact. Coated abrasives market is the second-largest market for abrasives products and is expected to record a strong growth in the near future. Growing demand for coated abrasives from several industries, such as the welding, furniture, jewelry, automotive, foundry and do-it-yourself markets, is expected to drive the coated abrasives market across the globe.
The coated abrasive products find applications in several industries such as auto OEM, auto ancillaries, general engineering, fabrication, furniture and flooring among others. The use of coated abrasives in abrasion applications is rapidly increasing as their use results in better surface finishes with higher productivity. Owing to such striking benefits, majority of the industrial abrasive users consider coated abrasive as a better option over their counterparts.
The higher productivity offered by the coated abrasive systems is anticipated to drive the demand for coated abrasive products in the coming years. Due to the rising popularity of coated abrasives, the manufacturers of cutting tools are designing and developing equipment and machines suitable for coated abrasive systems. Apart from the conventional products, the manufactures of coated abrasive products are focusing their attention on recently introduced products such as nonwoven fabric abrasives, flexible belts, seeded gel abrasives, polyester backed abrasives and wide belts. These recently developed products are expected to provide lucrative opportunities for the manufacturers of coated abrasives in the next few years.