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Coating Additives Market Futuristic Growth, Size, Share, Trends and Demand Outlook to 2023

PS Logo Coating additives market are low-level ingredients that possess   specific paint properties such as mildew resistance, de-foaming, and   good flow and leveling. Pigments, binders, additives and mixtures are the major elements that enhance the functioning of coating thereby, increasing demand in coating additives market.

The major functions of coating additives include anti-foaming, wetting and dispersion, rheology modification, biocidal and impact modification to overcome surface defects and problems that occur during application of paints or post-drying. They also possess drying, surface modification, leveling, anti-settling and anti-sagging properties.

Coating Additives Market : ****** Industry Analysis and Forecast by 2023

The ****** defoaming coating additives market has been witnessing significant growth on account of increasing population, urbanization, and industrialization. Additionally, the stringent regulatory and sustainability mandates for environmental safety play an important role in the growth of the ****** defoaming coating additives market.

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The growing demand for clean formulations for decorative and coating requirements is also supporting the growth of the ****** defoaming coating additives market. The demand for defoaming coating additives is expected to increase owing to rise in demand for architectural coatings and growing focus on low-VOC content in the formulation. The demand is expected to grow further with improving economic conditions during the forecast period (2016-2022).