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Complex Event Processing Market Better Security Policies And Procedures Offer Huge Growth Opportunities

​Complex event processing (CEP) is primarily focused on managing data in motion by method of tracking, analyzing, and processing information as per the occurrence of certain events. The streams of information are collected, combined and analyzed to match the resulting pattern with defined behaviors. Ongoing globalization of the companies and continuous rise in statistics and information across organizations, to consolidate the business data through a defined point is provided by CEP. The increasing complexity pertaining to management of this critical data has forced organizations for CEP adoption for implementing predominant depository for their master data. Large volume of data is collected in the organizations which may include client relations management, transaction processing systems, procurement analysis, or any other enterprise grade system, thereby making CEP an essential tool in organizations. CEP mainly works on two orientations namely aggregation and detection. Aggregation oriented CEPs calculate average based on data event entering in the system, whereas detection oriented CEP detects the situation by observing specific sequence of events. Based on the enterprise requirements, CEP tools are selected accordingly.

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