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Bariatric Marketing Agency Unlocks The Secret To Maximizing Patient Growth

Jeff Tormey, CEO of Bariatric Audience, explains his system for getting bariatric surgeons more quality leads than ever before.

Atlanta, GA – USA | August 7, 2020 — Bariatric clinics all over North America are finding themselves in a little bit of a bind thanks to the pandemic. With occupancy restrictions, lower economic sentiment, and differences in laws from state to state, bariatric clinics are having a tougher time getting people to commit to weight loss surgery.

However, one marketing agency has figured out a system for bariatric clinics to get more clients at a lower cost, despite what’s going on in the world.

Marketing Counts Partners With Washington DECA High School Students On Digital Marketing Challenge

Seattle, WA (bizpr) July 07, 2020 – Over 140 Washington DECA high school students recently completed a five-week, distance-learning Digital Marketing Challenge developed by Marketing Counts, a Seattle-area marketing agency. Each week, students learned new digital marketing skills and were encouraged to take their learning and provide free marketing consultations to small businesses in their area.

Now, Washington DECA and Marketing Counts are asking for the community to help select the overall winner of the challenge. Starting June 16th, voting will be live at www.marketingcounts.com/wadeca. We invite the public to view the finalists and vote for the team who created the best marketing plan. Voting will be available from June 16th to June 22nd and the winner will be announced on June 24th. The top 3 teams will receive a scholarship award.

Spokes Digital Inc., in Association with Get Together Foundation Presents an Online Event Concert “All Together Now”

Los Angeles, CA – Anticipation is building for ALL TOGETHER NOW! – an online entertainment event is helping the City of Los Angeles during the coronavirus pandemic, set to stream on Saturday, April 25, at 2 p.m. PDT. New performers have been added to the roster, including legendary singer-songwriter Carole King, guitarist Joe Bonamassa, actor Malcolm McDowell, guitarist Richie Sambora, and actor/comedian Tim Allen. Additionally, GRAMMY®-winners Alan Parsons and David Pack (Ambrosia) will be performing a first-ever digital duet. The event is being presented in association with the Get Together Foundation and Los Angeles City Councilman John Lee. 



Brainium Information Technologies is the winner of the 2020 India 500 Most Promising IT Company Award competition for Quality Excellence.

Brainium is a leading IT company in India serving more than 1000 clients globally. This is a Kolkata based software development company with innovative & dedicated  employee strength of couple of hundred.

Started as a bootstrap company withjust 3 people, it has come a long way and over the decade established itself as a promising IT Company in India with more than 2000 successful projects. The whole team focuses on delivering the best technological solutions to the clients.

Impact Of Digital Marketing On Your Business

Impact of digital marketing on your businessJust to clarify, the term ‘Digital Marketing’ refers to anything done online or TV that helps your business grow. It may be new product images or discount sale announcements posted on social media or, active online advertisements. Anything in the digital space that helps drive traffic to your website(s) is digital marketing.

There are two ways to market your online Business; Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and digital marketing. The former is called “organic”. It is time consuming to implement and the results accrue over a period of time but they last for a couple of months at least.

Join Spokes Digital at the Northeast ******** Expo in Boston, MA

Feb 19, 2020, Boston – Spokes Digital is one of the popularly known Digital Marketing Partner to many emerging and established ******** companies in the USA. While the world is still setting their eyes and minds on the ******** industry, Spokes Digital is already ready with some exhilarating solutions for their current and future clients. ******** products are the new sensation in many sectors, ******** is getting legalization in the time of social & digital revolution, and everyone wants a bite of this pie.

My Charlotte Digital Works with a Passion for Achieving Good Digital Marketing Result

Their digital marketing strategy is focusing on generating more traffic and increase revenue with real results. My Charlotte Digital is the most effective and innovative, and client-friendly digital marketing company in Charlotte that connects much business prospective over the digital platform. They work for local, national, and international companies in the industry, which include small and big businesses related to construction, production, different service providers, and much more in the market. They are the unique digital marketing Company in Charlotte that works with a unique strategy, customized to the client’s business goals, and targeting the ultimate customer in mind. My Charlotte Digital is run by the professional team, combined with expertise in all aspects of the digital landscape. They can craft a custom digital marketing strategy to help clients in growing there business.

North India’s Best Digital Marketing Institute Now in Kolkata

The digital marketing course has been one of the most concurrent parts of the modern technological world.  If anyone wants to step into the digital marketing realm, then one must complete the proper course to get a well-paid job offer. With new institutes opening at all the states, it is becoming increasingly important to understand which is the best and offers a standardized course. New Delhi has always been the epitome of digital marketing enterprises, and one of their best institutes is coming to the city of jo to offer the most advanced course.


Steps To Become Digital Marketing Expert 2019



Digital Marketing is all about marketing using digital platforms like the Internet, websites, social media channels, and mobile Digital marketing is the concept of communicating with customers and target audiences using various digital platforms.

Digital is the future of marketing for the business. Everything is becoming digital day by day Digital Marketing has become extremely popular in India since the last few years. Almost every small to large companies investing in Digital marketing and they are moving their marketing budget from traditional to digital. Even consumers are also using digital platforms like a search engine and social media to research about products, they are using e-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart to buy products online.

Top 7 Reasons Why Content Is Valuable In Digital Marketing



Digital Marketing will be empty and pointless without content. A powerful and successful digital marketing strategy is dependent on many factors but content is one such driving force in digital marketing. It educates and builds the trust of the target audience. Moreover, a company’s content strategy also powers the other factors of digital marketing and promotes the brand’s business presence online.

Top Digital Marketing Trends To Follow 2019


Digital marketing is a constantly Changing Fields in respect of terms or technology. Trends can change in the blink of an eye, and digital marketing professionals are constantly looking for new ways to pursue the power of the internet by making more connections with their targeted audiences. Digital marketing should be a key component of the overall marketing strategy for any successful business. As we look at 2019, there are a number of new trends coming in the world of digital marketing. Read some of the following so you have a better idea of what to expect in the coming year and beyond.