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Sunknowledge Services Inc Caters Powerful DME Eligibility Verification Services

DME Insurance Verification

Over the last decade, Sunknowledge Services Inc has been delivering state of the art support meeting practice management/ revenue cycle management needs of leading DME providers of the country. The company is currently working with the biggest names and has spread their footprint right from the East coast to the West coast with great credentials. The best part, the company is working with over 100 clients and has been extending cutting edge support in DME eligibility verification, prior authorization, denial management and accounts receivable collections.

The Ultimate DME Pre Billing Services Solution with Sunknowledge

Today in the complex time consuming medical billing process, Sunknowledge Service Inc is the only practice management/RCM organization offering pre billing support with free credential services. Dr. Dipak Nandi chairman of Sunknowledge Service Inc said, “Being a 100% HIPAA and HITECH compliance organization, we are competent in performing any medical billing service transaction and can meet and beat any given price. Our resources are highly skilled performing task specific activities only at $7 per hour, as our service charge along with assured 99.9% accuracy rate during the process. We are in fact, from the past 10 years have been serving the US largest DME clients and proud to have gained excellent industries reference through our successful working method. With the highest productive metric, our well-equipped team also ensures 80% instant operational cost reduction and 97% highest first pass collection rate.”

Effective DME Insurance Verification Support Only at $7 /hr

DME Insurance Verification

Being the premium solution to most of the healthcare providers in the US, Sunknowledge has gained excellent industries reference not only by providing 360-degree in medical billing solution for 28 specialties but also extra additional support. The chairman of Sunknowledge Service Inc has commented, “Being a 100% HIPAA and HITECH compliance organization, we not only ensure effective medical billing solution to our clients but also provides additional services. Services like DME insurance verification which includes doctor office follow up and patients calling, pre-billing activities along with after sell CPAP support and many more, which no other RCM offers and is rare in this medical billing domain. In fact, our well-equipped resources ensure a 99.9% accuracy rate with the highest productive metric and can eve meet and beat any price rate”.