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New e-book asks, “Did you ever think of marrying your dog?”

San Diego, CA – Debut author Lilly Smartelli has taken the concept of ‘bucket list’ to a whole new level in her inaugural book, THE $5 (DOG) WEDDING. Inspired by a true story, Smartelli’s e-book offers readers, especially dog loving readers, the chance at true unconditional love filled with “teary eyes, goosebumps, and some emotional gasps of lovely disbelief.”

THE $5 (DOG) WEDDING is a charming tale brimming with optimism, hope and laughter. Anybody who loves dogs, weddings and anything Italian will find something to embrace in this semi-fictional tale. True to form, this author not only entertains but also showcases the power of organ donation, shelter dog adoption and coming together as a ****** community. Surprise twists at every wedding venue will honor all those involved in her passions.