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Esters Market ****** Industry Analysis and Forecast 2020

Esters Market are chemical compounds containing carbonyl group adjacent to ether linkage. These are usually synthesized from organic or inorganic acids by dehydration with alcohol. Naturally occurring esters include fats, oils and triglycerides. Major types of esters include fatty acid esters of glycerol, nitrate esters, polyesters and others depending on alkyl or aromatic group it contains. The applications of esters include lubricants, cosmetics, plastics, resins, explosives, bio-fuel, surfactants and synthesis of various industrial chemicals.
Growing demand for esters from cosmetics, lubricants, paper and personal care industry is expected to drive the market growth. Fatty esters are used in cosmetics products as a replacement of petroleum products. These are derived from vegetable oils and other renewable raw materials, hence human health hazards of fatty esters are claimed to be null. Demand for fatty acid based cosmetic products in Asia Pacific is expected to fuel the market growth. Asia Pacific is the largest producer of vegetable oil and other naturally derived oils such as palm oil, soya oil and sunflower oil.
Further, demand for esters from lubricant industry is expected to fuel the market growth. Increasing penetration of automobiles in developing markets is expected to set positive outlook for the lubricants industry. Esters based lubricants offer superior performance as compared to two other major types, polyalphalefins and polyalkylene glycol. Additionally, demand for ester derivatives such as polyesters is expected to drive the market growth. There are numerous types of polyesters available in the market with diverse applications. The applications of polyesters include computers, industrial fabrics, textiles, home furnishing, electrical insulation, packaging and others. Polyesters do not absorb moisture that helps in resisting different stains and chemicals.