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Fairfax Mortgage Brokers Explain Debt Consolidation Loans In Northern VA

Fairfax, Virginia (bizpr) June 2, 2018 – The Fairfax mortgage brokers at Fairfax Mortgage Investments released a blog explaining how debt consolidation loans work and how people can use them to gain better control over their finances. Debt consolidation loans combine all of a person’s debt into one loan, allowing them to make one monthly payment to cover all of their debts instead of making multiple payments to different loans.

Fairfax Mortgage Brokers Offer NOVA Residents Home Improvement Loans

Fairfax, Virginia (bizpr) May 22, 2018 – In their latest blog, the Fairfax mortgage brokers at Fairfax Mortgage Investments, hope to educate Fairfax residents on home improvement loans and how to utilize them to improve the value of their home. They detail the benefits of acquiring home improvement loans and the positive implications for Fairfax residents. They also detail some of the pros and cons of home improvement loans and whether or not these loans may be right for the homeowner. The types of home improvement loans and the subsequent requirements for obtaining one are also discussed in the blog. Additionally, brokers offer several recommendations for home improvement loans and describe what types of homeowners these loans would fit for.

Fairfax Mortgage Brokers Discuss Northern VA FHA Loan Requirements

Fairfax, Virginia (bizpr) April 23, 2018 – The Fairfax Mortgage Brokers at Fairfax Mortgage Investments released a blog detailing Northern Virginia FHA loan requirements. The blog discusses the various Northern Virginia FHA loan requirements that a person must meet in order to apply. Requirements listed range from credit scores, minimum income and down-payments to specific debt-to-income ratios, mortgage insurance requirements and further detailed requirements. The FHA loan allows for people with less than stellar credit scores to apply for and be granted a loan. Applicants are given requirements that are mostly easier to meet than more rigidly structured loans, making it one of the most popular loans prospective homeowners apply for.