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Harvie and Hudson 70 Years of Bold British Style – 70th Anniversary Event in collaboration with London Fashion Week Men’s

This year marks Harvie and Hudson’s 70th year of innovation, originality and creativity. We are excited to celebrate seven decades of British luxury shirt making. It all began with the discovery of stripe pyjama patterns that led Harvie and Hudson to create a wardrobe for London’s most prestigious gentlemen.

Today the business is in hands of third generation Harvies and Hudsons, and continues to expand with exclusive cloth patterns, ready to wear garments and bespoke shirts to dress gentlemen across the globe.


NEW YORK, NY – Alain Fagnidi is set to introduce his newest collection in New York City. WHO : International luxury fashion Designer Alain Fagnidi is hosting a pop-up shop and fashion presentation for his latest collection, The Vanquisher’s Treasure. It was inspired by the story of Nina Rachelle, she discovered the treasure of the vanquishers and started to dress like a man.

WHAT : Partnering with Artist Outpost for a temporary residency in Manhattan, NY
WHEN : Wednesday, February 13 thru Thursday, February 28, 2019
WHERE : Artist Outpost, 501 E. 118th Street, New York, NY 10035
Special request for media/press to attend a fashion presentation February 13, 2019, 3:30pm to 8:30pm

Introducing The Innovative New Look In Men’s Accessories

Over 45+ fashion conscious stylists have given high praise to CAPTHATT with its new and innovative style of men’s accessories.

The company’s theme of accessories is focused around style and creativity that is stylishly wearable for the modern man. All features and emphasis are focused a masculine vintage feel, crafted with high quality leathers, precious metals, canvas, etc to create some of their signature pieces.

With a mission to revitalize men’s accessories with meaningful, art and quality, which is said by some to be the main key to an attractive style, they have made great headway in the men’s fashion world. This is a company that delivers on it’s promise with designs featuring extremely relevant and modern prints and patterns.  Find out more at https://capthatt.com

Examples Of Successful E-Commerce Business Models

The E-Commerce world has lately become a jungle, with many different approaches and strategies, from pure online brand awareness to influencers marketing. It’s no secret that a successful E-Commerce business is heavily relying on marketing planning but which ones are the best? How can a new business expand its horizons and evolve in order to have more conversions and sales? Let’s analyse what are the best business approaches when it comes to E-Commerce.