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Elkos Pens Limited at Paperworld 2020

Elkos Pens, the leading manufacturer of writing instruments from India will be at the Paperworld in Messe Frankfurt, Germany from Januaryhttps://bizpr.us/wp-admin/profile.php25-28’20, exhibiting a multitude of innovative writing solutions. Hall No1.1, Booth:H-05.

Product innovation is a constant thing at ElkosPens and company plans to showcase an impressive selection of new and proven high-quality writing products including ball pens, gel pens and sketch penscrafted with latest Korean technology, along with upgraded version of their existing product line that are transforming writing world today and for the future.

Elkos pens representatives will be available at the booth for additional inquiries and in-booth presentations throughout the event.

Elkos introduces new gel pen Monitor

The Elkos pens team is excited to announce that they have just added a brand-new gel pen- Monitor, the latest addition to the Elkos line of products. (https://www.elkospens.com/gel-pens-monitor4.html)

Monitorgel pen is where simple, effective style meets latest technology to deliver high performance writing. It is reliable, affordable, and smooth-flowing pen that you’ll reach for every day needs. When the fingers cramp and the hand get tired and shaky, the writing comes out ugly and unreadable. The new Monitor, with the rubberized grip facilitates tireless, relaxed and smooth writing without pressure applied.

Elkos pens launches new gel pen – Titto

Elkos Pen Ltd., a ****** leader in the writing instrument industry, is excited to unveil brand new gel pen Titto,the latest addition to the Elkos line of products.(https://www.elkospens.com/gel-pens-titto.html).

While the Tittois a gel pen favorite for its smooth, fast-drying ink, it’s also great for preventing hand discomfort, as it comes with a latex-free Comfort Zone grip and a lightweight body that provide extended writing control.For those with a flair for color, Titto gel pens offer ultra-smooth ink performance in blue, black,green and red ink.They’re also fun to use for writing, adult coloring and other projects.

Elkos Pens introduces new gel pen – Que Assorted

Elkos Pens, a leading brand in the writing instrument industry, has unveiled a new gel pen “Que Assorted” – luxurious writing instruments that perfectly combine timeless design, passion for precision and superb craftsmanship. (https://www.elkospens.com/gel-pens-que-assorted.html)

The Que Assorted stands out thanks to its modern, minimalist design and five vivid colors. The Pen boasts of Korean technology with the quick start time and uses cushioning to adapt to the writing pressure, giving you a relaxed feeling in your hand, even after longer periods of writing, and allowing you to enjoy excellent writing comfort. Another decisive advantage of the pen is the even and extremely precise lines, with a width of 0.3 mm.

Elkos Pens launches new ball pen – Orra

Elkos Pens, one of the most recognized writing instrument brands in India announces the release of Orra ball pen, an extension to their wide range of ball pens products. (https://www.elkospens.com/ball-pens-orra.html).

Orra ball pen does not just keep up just with the latest trends, but with its stylish body, it is a complete eye-catcher, making it the perfect lifestyle product for trend setters. Orra is not only pretty to look at, but also supple in its function. Pen lovers with high expectations of a special writing experience will always find the perfect pen with Orra. The progressive design and its ergonomic form with scientific rounded grip guarantee a firm hold and allow a natural writing movement without hand fatigue.

Elkos Introduces new gel pen Barito

The Elkos pens team is thrilled to announce the release of a brand new gel pen Barito(https://www.elkospens.com/gel-pens-barito.html) .

Barito features attractive foil design with ink monitor window. It offers smooth ink flow with quick start time andcomes in four ink colors: blue, red, black and green.The appearance of the Gel pen Barito is just as impressive as the comfort and functionality: the grooved grip zone makes them comfortable to hold. All pens have sleek pocket clip which makes them the perfect companions.

Elkos launches premium ball pen – Onick

Elkos pens team is excited to announce the launch of a new a high-quality ball pen with the catchy name “Onick”(https://www.elkospens.com/premium-ball-pens-onick.html)

The Onick is equipped with jumbo refill.The ink flows smoothly and effortlessly onto the paper.  Its design is modern and minimalistic – based on the latest design trends and colors. Design and the color of the Onick show how lifestyle and function inspire each other. The rubberized and ergonomic grip zone allows a secure hold for fatigue-free writing. The high-quality stainless steel pocket clip provides an executive and elegant look and feel.

Elkos pens launches new trendsetting ball pen – Trend

Elkos Pens team is excited to introduce Trend,its new ball pen as an extension to their wide range of office and classroom products(https://www.elkospens.com/ball-pens-trend.html) .

Featuring an attractive foil design, Trend is crafted with Korean technology with long lasting refill and well-designed scientific rubber grip for hassle free & smooth writing.The trendy look, metalized font cone and unbreakable pc cap is all about huge on performance and look hence, differentiating it from the rest.

Elkos pens is proud to be associated with Indian Plastics Federation

Elkos pen is glad to be associated as a silver sponsoratIndplas’18. The Indplas’18 is the 8th edition of INDLAS series and will be held from 30th November -3rd December 2018 at ECO Park Exhibition Ground, New Town- Rajarhat, Kolkata.

Indplas’18 – The largest sector specific business to business ( B2B) International exhibition in eastern region will bring the entire plastic industry under one roof and is being planned on a bigger, better and convenient venue.

About Indian Plastic Federation

Elkos launches new gel pen – Velo

Elkos Pens is pleased to have released their new, premium gel pen Velo(https://www.elkospens.com/gel-pens-velo.html ) across the globe. Velo gel pen is great for all activities, especially adult coloring books, scrapbooking, journals, and even greeting cards.

Velo gel pens features elegant look, long lasting refill and well-designed grip which give added comfort and control to the user. They are also known for being some of the smoothest gel pens in the industry. This is because they are made of feather flow system with Japanese ink for smooth and comfortable writing, drawing, coloring and especially crafting.

Elkos Pens launches next generation Ball pen- Walto

Elkos launches Walto- its new ball pen as an extension to their wide range of office and classroom products(https://www.elkospens.com/ball-pens-walto.html)

Elkos’s product line is already known for its smooth, easy gliding writing; and it just got better, with the new Walto ball pens. Considered an excellent colleague in the office, it has the same writing qualities as the other and moreover thanks to the user friendly attribute that makes it student’s preferred choice.

Featuring a trendy foil design,Walto is based on Korean technology with long lasting refill and well-designed scientific rubber grip for comfortable writing.The consistent hi flow ink promotes tireless and relaxed writing.