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The Law Offices of Ian S. Mednick, P.C. Defends Clients Wrongfully Accused of Child Abuse

Parents falsely accused of abusing their child may seek representation from the legal professionals at The Law Offices of Ian S. Mednick, P.C. The law firm aggressively defends clients and helps them retain child custody.

[HAUPPAUGE, 01/02/2019] – The Law Offices of Ian S. Mednick, P.C. provides strong legal representation for parents and other individuals falsely accused of abusing or neglecting their child. The law firm aims to ensure its clients are cleared of all wrongful allegations. Moreover, it fights for a falsely accused parent or guardian’s right to maintain custody of their child.

Aggressive Defense Against False Child Abuse Accusations

Celebrity Scandal – Famous Celebrities Who Had Criminal Records

Celebrities are always under the spotlight regardless of whether it’s on their highs or lows. However, some celebs have some quite shocking low points in their lives. Some of them were arrested for different charges and accusations like drug offenses, illegal possession of firearms and even assault. Which definitely resulted in having criminal records.

From A-list actors to top artists, the high life has surely kept some compelling stories hidden away somewhere all these years. Some celebrities appear to be clean but are in fact not as clean as one would expect. Here is a list of 10 celebrities who have criminal records that you may not know of.

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Protect Assets from Divorce Proceedings with the Law Office of Gordon N. Shayne

High-stakes divorce cases involve large properties from both spouses, and one may lose significant assets during litigation. Protect properties with experienced legal advice from the Law Office of Gordon N. Shayne.

[COLORADO SPRINGS, 6/15/2018]—No one else knows more than the Law Office of Gordon N. Shayne that unlike no-fault divorces or cases where spouses have no assets to divide, divorce proceedings with assets have high stakes involved. If spouses share properties, such as more than one large home, a high-income standard of living, business interests, luxury automobiles, and other lucrative assets, spouses who want to protect their rightful properties must develop a strong legal strategy.