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Dryness Around the Male Organ: What it Means and How to Fix It

You’re not alone if you’re suffering from dryness around the male organ. It’s the worst place that dry skin can happen, and is very common for all men, in all walks of life. Dry skin can start as just an annoyance or irritation and turn into a very painful cracking of the skin, leading to open sores and painful broken and split skin.

Dry skin, while common and normal especially during the winter months, can make intimacy uncomfortable, not to mention being embarrassing. Before you freak out about the dry and peeling skin, make sure you’re honest with yourself about what could be causing the dry skin on your male organ shaft. Some of the more typical reasons are outlined here.

Average Male Organ Size Doesn’t Equal Average Performance

To all the men out there who are overly concerned about the fact that they don’t pack a monster inside their pants: It’s time to chill. As I discuss in an original article posted on Ezinearticles.com, despite the fact that so many guys in adult videos sport massive endowments, the fact is that male organ size does not have a real correlation to sensual performance and satisfaction. Indeed, assuming he takes care of his male organ health and develops appropriate skills, the man of average size can give above-average sensual satisfaction – often very high above average – to his partner(s).

Male Organ Skin Alert: Take Care with Lightening Procedures

A man’s male organ skin makes a huge impression on partners (and potential partners), as well as on just the casual viewer. (Guys do surreptitiously check each other out in, say, the locker room with a quick glance.) As noted in our article originally published on Ezinearticles.com, that’s one reason practicing appropriate male organ health is important. When the skin is clean and clear, it assures onlookers that it is in good shape and disease-free (although, of course, in some cases appearances can be deceiving). Because it makes an impression, people may try to alter its looks for aesthetic reasons. One way in which this may be accomplished by some is male organ lightening – but those who decide to take this route should be careful, as there are risks associated with it.

The Kama Sutra and Manual Stimulation: Five Pieces of Ancient Wisdom about Pleasure

The is no sensual text quite like the Kama Sutra for increasing pleasure and intimacy. While the Kama Sutra doesn’t touch on self-pleasure outright, it does touch on intimate touching in general. While written for couples, there is a lot of information and guidance that can be applied to self-love, so much in fact that it was easy to find five ways the Kama Sutra elevates self-pleasure. Here’s five of the biggest game-changers the ancient text delivers for an extraordinary experience with the self.

#1: Open the Mind and Heart

Four Thanksgiving Pleasure Tips for a Happy Male Organ

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and many couples like to take advantage of the season to engage in some extra sensual engagement. If a guy has been practicing good male organ health, there’s no reason he can’t count on having an actively happy male organ during the holiday. But the following sensual tips, originally published here, can help ease the way for that special sensual activity on Turkey Day.

Sensual tips to consider

L-Carnitine and Oral ED Medications: Better Together for Strong Tumescence

There are tons of things that are betters in two: peas and carrots, vitamin C and E, and Jack and Diane. They just bring out the best in each other. It’s the same case for L-Carnitine and oral ED medications when it comes to strong firmness. Separately, both contribute to greater vasodilation and blood flow which creates stronger firmness for men who suffer from Male Organ Dysfunction or intermittent bouts of difficulty as brought on by stress or life situations. Let’s look at both of these vasodilators and see how they make member magic when combined.

What is L-carnitine?

Male Organ Rejuvenation: All the Facts

For the past couple of decades, there’s been a lot of talk about Female canall rejuvenation. It’s been talked about on everywhere from Oprah to brunches to poker tables for years. But what about the male side of the equation? Why is no one talking about male organ rejuvenation? Certainly, there are men out there who wouldn’t mind a little fixer-upper on their downstairs parts too. Read on to learn what a male organ rejuvenation is, who’s a good candidate, what the procedures and downtime are like, and what results a man can expect. Spoiler alert: it’s a lot less Sci-Fi than one might think.

The Blue Balls Myth: Fact or Fiction?

Around puberty, it begins its stealthy lurk in the whispers of boys. Teenage girls giggle about it openly, but in secret wonder if it’s really real or just something boys make up to elicit pity when hot-and-heavy petting is shut down. While the alliterative name makes it sound like a made-up condition, it’s an honest to goodness condition that boys and men suffer from – it’s the blue balls.

What is the Blue Ball Myth?

Self-pleasuring: 8 Good Reasons

Spending some serious “alone time” with his manhood is a favorite activity for millions of men. While rates of self-pleasuring may vary from man to man, almost all guys self-stimulate at some time or other, and most men self-stimulate with some degree of frequency. Although self-gratifying too roughly can create some minor male organ health inconveniences, most guys find there are more reasons to self-gratify than there are to not. But for any men looking for a few good reasons to justify their self-pleasuring, the following list, originally published by Ezinearticles, should come in handy.

Relieving a Sore Male Organ after Stretching

Most men would like to possess a so-called “trouser snake” that is the equivalent of an anaconda – in spite of the fact that most guys know that size is less important than male organ health and manhood skill. More than a few men, unhappy with the length of their member, decide to take steps to change its size, and often many look into male organ stretching as an option. Since a good number of men follow this path, it’s necessary to point out that stretching often leads to a sore male organ – and to offer some tips on soothing that soreness.

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