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The Lowdown on Male Organ Supplements: Three Ways to Get a Stronger Member

It seems like there is a lot of focus on enhancing the member these days. However, with so many things in the male organ health sphere, it’s getting harder and harder to know what works and how it works and most importantly if it’s safe. Today, let’s talk about three different kinds of male organ supplements and how they work and what contraindications to look for to have a happy, healthy hard-on!

Prescription Male Organ Supplements

Probably the “supplement” most associated with the member is a medication called sildenafil. It is a phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE-5) inhibitor. PDE-5s help men by enhancing member response when a man is stimulated.

Sensual Tips for Hefty He-Men

Most of the time, sensual tips are written with the average person in mind. But not every person is average, with there being a wide range of variation in everything from age and experience to physical appearance to emotional preparedness to (for men) proper male organ care. It can be helpful, therefore for non-average men and women to seek out sensual tips that can apply specifically for them. For example, for men who tend to be on the hefty side – and especially those genuinely obese – it can pay to explore some sensual tips before one’s first official tryst.

Self-Pleasuring Might Benefit Your Career

Clearly, self-pleasuring is a popular activity among both men and women (although more popular among men in general). Many articles have been written about the benefits to be had from regular and/or frequent self-pleasuring, including the effects that self-pleasuring rates may have on male organ health outcomes. But because of the stigma still associated with self-pleasuring, few would have thought that it might have a positive benefit for their careers. Indeed, if anything, more people probably would have associated frequent self-pleasuring with being less involved in and therefore less successful in their career. Yet a recent survey indicates that more frequent self-pleasuring may actually benefit a person’s career.

Male Organ Odor and Sweat: Not a Beautiful Relationship

Phew! Sometimes a guy doesn’t realize how much male organ odor he’s packing until he peels that layer of underwear off and is struck by how much smell wafts up to his nose. (And when he imagines what that must smell like to a partner offering to give him oral sensual activity, he is legitimately horrified.) Of course, sometimes he doesn’t smell a thing – but that doesn’t mean he’s male organ odor–free. Male organ odor has to reach a certain level for a guy to notice it himself, but that means other people have noticed long before he did. Since sweat is basically the major factor in this common male organ health issue, reducing sweat is one way of battling rank male organ odor.

Male Member Power Food: What to Eat for a Wiley Willy

Americans are slowly learning that food is sometimes the best medicine. Having a balanced, nutrient-rich diet is excellent for the body, heart, and mind. But wait, can certain foods also be especially useful for male organ health? They can, indeed. Read on to learn more about the male organ power foods to eat for a host of benefits for the big li’l guy.

Male Organ Power Foods to Boost Drive and Androgen

It may come as a surprise, but there are a ton of foods that boost androgen and stoke drive. Include a couple of these every day, and you’ll be in the mood for love 24-7.

Do X-Rays Lead to a Red Male Organ?

X-rays are a marvelous medical tool that have made possible tremendous advances in medical and dental care. With x-rays, doctors can pinpoint things like bone fractures or lumps, which can guide them in diagnosing problems and suggesting treatments. But do x-rays present any male organ health issues? For example, can exposure to x-rays cause a burned red male organ or some other form of manhood issue?

X-rays are all around

Autumn Leaves and Male Organ Skin

Pretty soon those autumn leaves will be falling as the summer season bleeds into fall. Autumn tends to come with a feeling of nostalgia attached to it, but it’s more notable for the shift in the weather that serves as a bridge between the hot months of summer and the cold dark days of winter. As far as male organ health goes, the change from summer to autumn may be most noticeable where male organ skin is concerned. As the weather shifts, it can have an impact on that delicate male organ skin, and men should be aware that they may need to make some small adjustments accordingly.

Keep Male Organ Health in Mind When Choosing Underwear

It may be too much to say that a healthy male organ is a healthy mind, but men who truly care about their overall health do indeed want to spend some time addressing any potential male organ health concerns. That’s why they make sure their member gets plenty of appropriate exercise (which is fortunately quite enjoyable), inspect it for signs of wear and tear, treat it properly in terms of getting plenty of rest and eating right, and so on. But one area where a man might conceivably fall down? Choosing appropriate underwear for male organ health.

Underwear? Really?

Can Botox Change Male Organ Size?

Male organ size. It’s something men spend way too much time thinking about, whether it’s worrying about whether their own measures up or feeling jealous that another guy clearly “outranks” them in this entirely superficial way of categorizing masculinity. Since male organ size is not generally a male organ health issue, and since most men are sufficiently endowed to provide sensual satisfaction to their partners even if they cannot compare to a horse, there’s no reason for male organ size to be such an obsession. But reason and reality don’t always go hand in hand – and thus, there is now interest in using botox as a means of increasing male organ size.

Self-pleasure Techniques to Try Tonight

Just like any sensual relationship, things can get a little stale if it’s the same old in-and-out, and that includes solo-play. Excite the man downstairs by making him feel special with a few new self-pleasure techniques. Not only will it feel good now, but it can also lead to extra-spicy relations with a partner down the line.

Self-pleasure Technique #1: Slow Down, Cowboy

Male Organ Pain From Rare Ossification

Internet surfers were recently struck by a strange story that popped up in news outlets across the web: a man’s boner was actually turning to bone. Several sites reported on a rare case of male organ ossification, a male organ health crisis in which soft tissue is gradually changed into bone, usually creating quite a bit of male organ pain along the way. Readers should not panic; as mentioned, this is a rare condition. But it’s a fascinating one, and one that most men will be interested to learn about – and hope it never happens to them.

Ossification is unusual