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Northern Virginia Immigration Attorney Educates On P1-A Visas

Vienna, Virginia (bizpr) August 29, 2020 – A Northern Virginia immigration attorney at Johnson & Masumi, P.C., recently educated their audience on the P1-A visa. Johnson & Masumi, P.C., has been serving Fairfax county in immigration law for over 30 years. They create sincere and close working relationships with clients, ensuring trust on both ends. They’re not afraid to take on complex cases, guaranteeing sincere customer service along the way. Johnson & Masumi, P.C., is rated five stars by 17 customer reviews and strives to provide exceptional services.

Northern Virginia Immigration Attorney Educates Readers On Form I-130

Vienna, Virginia (bizpr) December 10, 2019 – A Northern Virginia immigration attorney at Johnson & Masumi recently released a blog educating readers on the form I-130 and who it is specifically meant for. The form I-130 is primarily used to establish a real familial relationship exists between a U.S. citizen or green card holder and a family member seeking a green card of their own.

Northern Virginia Immigration Attorney Lists K3 Visa Interview Questions

Vienna, Virginia (bizpr) July 30, 2019 – A Northern Virginia immigration attorney at Johnson & Masumi just released a blog listing the top K3 visa interview questions. Understanding the importance of these questions can help you better prepare for the interview.

A K3 visa is a temporary visa that allows immigrant spouses already married to a U.S. citizen to remain in the U.S. while their immigrant visa petitions are pending. To obtain this visa, the foreign-born spouse must complete a visa interview. This establishes that the relationship is real and that the spouse is not seeking simply to immigrate to the U.S. Failing to properly prepare for this interview could lead to your visa being denied, so it is important to understand the questions that may be asked and be prepared to answer them. An attorney can assist you in preparing for the interview and address any concerns you may have about your answers.

Northern VA Immigration Attorney Discusses The Naturalization Process

Vienna, Virginia (bizpr) November 15, 2018 – A Northern Virginia immigration attorney at Johnson & Masumi Law Firm released a blog discussion the US naturalization process. Understanding the steps in this process can help people better prepare for it.

Northern Virginia Immigration Attorney Educates On The EB-5 Visa Program

Vienna, Virginia (bizpr) October 11, 2018 – A Northern Virginia immigration attorney at Johnson & Masumi released a blog post educating readers on the EB-5 visa program, how it differs from similar visas, and who may be an ideal candidate for the visa.

The EB-5 visa is designed to allow investors to immigrate to the U.S. for the purpose of creating jobs and investing capital into troubled businesses. There are two programs available: the basic program, which applies to most qualifying businesses nationally, and the Regional Center Pilot Program, which focuses on specific areas of the U.S. There are other EB visas available, each of which has different requirements. An EB-2 visa is designed for people who hold advanced degrees or exceptional abilities in certain fields, such as art, science, or business. EB-3 visas, meanwhile, are provided to skilled workers who have at least two years of training or experience in a particular field.