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Doxorubicin Market In-Depth Analysis On Forthcoming Development And Forecast By 2024

6th January 2020 – ****** Doxorubicin Market is expected to reach USD 1.38 billion by 2024. Doxorubicin is an anticancer chemotherapy drug, a generic name for the trade name drug Rubex® and Adriamycin®. It is injected into a vein. It is an essential medicine on the World Health Organization’s List, the safest and effective medicines needed in a health system. The Doxorubicin Market is estimated to grow at a significant CAGR of 6.4% over the forecast period as the scope and its applications are rising enormously across the globe.


Epilepsy Drugs Market Product Segments and Growth Outlook Report By 2024

6th December 2019 – The ****** Epilepsy Drugs Market is anticipated to rise at a staggering CAGR in the forthcoming period. Epilepsy drugs have pharmacokinetic properties and are administered to children, adults, and adolescents. Carbamazepine is applicable for focal seizures with strong properties of inducing and enables development of milder tolerance level that could be increased weekly.


Epilepsy drugs market is highly driven by rise in cases of stroke, brain tumors, and brain injury. Antiepileptic drugs are prescribed due to the rising demands for treatment for epilepsy. Adoption of novel approach by manufacturers for production of therapeutic drugs also contributes to the market growth in the forecast period.

Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Market ****** Industry Status, Driving Factors Analysis Report 2022

4th December 2019 – The ****** Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Market size is expected to value at USD 3.2 billion by 2022. The market is subject to witness a substantial growth due to the rising health awareness among general population and increase in initiatives undertaken by local governments and private bodies to promote use of erectile dysfunction drugs. Growing education levels about use of these products coupled with rising geriatric population base across the globe is predicted to drive the growth of erectile dysfunction drugs industry over the forecast period. Changing food habits and adoption of sedentary lifestyle has led to prevalence of lifestyle diseases, thus propelling the demand for erectile dysfunction drugs in the market.

South East Asian Collagen Market Worth 142.84 Million USD By 2023

The South East Asia collagen market will grow at a CAGR of 7.2% from 2018 to 2023 to reach USD 142.84 million by 2023, according to the latest publication from Meticulous Research®. The South East Asia collagen market is driven by the growing use of collagen in food industry, growing inclination towards protein consumption & nutricosmetics, increasing application in the healthcare industry, growing technical applications, and rising use of collagen based biomaterials. However, factors such as need of compliance with various standards and stringent regulations due to safety concerns, religious constraints, and growing use of alternatives are expected to hinder the growth of this market to some extent.

Process Chillers Market Comprehensive Study by Industry Professionals

The ****** Process Chillers market study presents an all in all compilation of the historical, current and future outlook of the market as well as the factors responsible for such a growth. With SWOT analysis, the business study highlights the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of each Process Chillers market player in a comprehensive way. Further, the Process Chillers market report emphasizes the adoption pattern of the Process Chillers across various industries.

The Process Chillers market report highlights the following players:

  • Johnson Controls International plc.
  • Blue Star Ltd.
  • GEA Group AG
  • Motivair Corporation

Astaxanthin Market Latest Trends, Analysis & Forecast By 2025

22nd October 2019 – ****** Astaxanthin Market is anticipated to reach USD 2.57 billion by 2025. Astaxanthin is also known as “The king of the Carotenoids”. It is a member of xanthophyll family of carotenoids. It is mainly found in marine animals and plants. In “Pacific sockeye salmon” the highest concentration of Astaxanthin is found. Algae, krill, lobster, crab, shrimp, and red trout also contain Astaxanthin. From Haematococcus Pluviailis (HP) commercial production astaxanthin is mainly obtained.


Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Market Size to 2025 Analysis by Applications and Types

3rd October 2019 – The ****** Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Market is estimated to touch US$ 65.2 Billion by the completion of the year 2025. The Revenue Cycle Management industry was appreciated at US$ 23.6 billion in the year 2016. The boost in workflow in healthcare amenities and improvement of in time administration systems are likely to provide development of the Revenue Cycle Management market over the prediction period. The market estimated to develop at a CAGR of 12.0% for the duration of the prediction.


Protein Expression Market Latest Trends and Leading Players Analysis Report 2025

3rd October 2019 – The ****** Protein Expression Market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 10.4% by 2025 and is expected to cross USD 3.0 billion in the forecast period. Protein expression could prove to be a complex process, since each protein requires intracellular milieu to significantly achieve secondary features. Proteins, on the other hand, may also receive certain modifications to cellular membrane to function effectively.


Angina Pectoris Drugs Market ****** Key Player, Demand and Forecasts to 2022

19th September 2019 – ****** Angina Pectoris Drugs Market is estimated to reach USD 10.6 billion by 2022 owing to the rising number of patients suffering from angina pectoris and the probable acceptance of modern therapies like varespladib and Generx that are in late stage of clinical development. If these modern therapies are approved, they are expected to contribute impressively to the growth of angina pectoris drugs industry since they will be sold at premium prices by manufacturing companies.


Here are Top 10 companies in Plant-based Protein.Market worth $14.32 billion by 2025

The desire for clean labels, ease of digestion, the need or desire to avoid allergens, compatibility with vegetarian and vegan lifestyles and concerns about sustainability among the general population are putting the spotlight on plant proteins. Consumer notions of what constitutes a good protein source are expanding to include a wider variety of plant protein ingredients. Subsequently, interest in plant protein ingredients among food manufacturers and food service operators is intensifying, thereby fueling the growth of the ****** plant based protein market.

Schizophrenia Drugs Market Size, Current Impact, and Competitive Landscape Report to 2025

12th September 2019 – ****** Schizophrenia Drugs Market is expected to reach USD 7.9 billion by 2022. Schizophrenia is a serious disorder that affects how a person thinks, feels, and acts. People suffering from schizophrenia have difficulty distinguishing between real and reel, and expressing emotions. Schizophrenia is mainly observed in males than in females. Antipsychotic drugs are mainly prescribed, as they help to control symptoms like disorganized thinking, hallucinations, and delusions by blocking specific chemicals in the brain like serotonin and dopamine.