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Featherlight all-leather photo bags made by Oberwerth in outstanding quality

Koblenz, Germany (bizpr) April 18, 2019 – With its new “Light” series, the manufacturer of high-quality photo bags presents a series of full leather bags which are characterised by their extremely low weight. The bags are in their respective sizes up to 60% under the weight of other leather bags and still about 40% under the weight of bags made of so-called “waxed canvas”.


Outstanding quality, attention to detail, the use of the best materials and craftsmanship in Germany are the hallmarks of the bags made by Oberwerth. Ultra – light, supple and yet strong – the bags of the new Light Line set new standards for full leather bags. They are 100% handmade from semi-aniline tanned Italian leather.

Alan Maudie Photography Explains Why You Shouldn’t Cut Corners On Your Wedding Photography Budget

When it comes to planning your dream wedding & you start counting the expenses involved for all the different things it’s logical to start looking at cutting costs. However, when it comes to capturing your big day, there’re so many reasons why you should not avoid hiring a professional Calgary wedding photographer. There’s more to wedding photography than a costly camera. In the same way, a carpenter uses a hammer, an artist uses a brush, and a writer uses a pen, a camera is just a tool. It all depends on the skills and creativity of the camera person who uses it to produce amazing photos.

Alan Maudie Photography Discusses How to Hire a Banff Wedding Photographer

A wedding is usually the most important day of their lives so far for most couples. If you are hiring a Banff wedding photographer, you should make sure that the photographer is responsible enough to capture the best moments and create exceptional memories for you. When it comes to planning a wedding, there are so many things you need to focus on – the cake, the flower, the music, the venue, and so on, but only the photographs will live on forever. You owe it to yourself and your future family to be able to show them how amazing your wedding was. Alan Maudie Photography suggests a few tips to find one of the best Banff photographers that will work both for you and your wedding:

Nate Messara – Renowned Photographers in Houston Creating Joyful Wedding Stories

Wedding photographs are not just few clicks and captures but are way more than that. These create a story that tells the world about the love that you have for your beloved and vice versa. Flowers will wilt, cakes will be eaten away but memories captured in the photographs will remain with you forever! And for that you need to hire a good and experienced wedding photographer for your special day. Professional photographers possess all the skill and experience in capturing pictures in different light, different conditions, composing different shots and executing it flawlessly. And natemessara is one of such experienced photographers in Houston who capture stunning images that create joyful stories of your love story.

Telling Your Story with Nate Messarra Photography

Have you heard the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words?” Photos, in their own way, can tell a story. Good, creative photography can tell your story in a beautiful way! And hiring the right photographer to tell your unique story is crucial. Husband and wife duo, Nate and Alex of Nate Messarra Photography are one of the most appreciated and loved photographers in Houston. They capture stunning images that tell joyful stories. They specialize in offering wedding photography, portrait sessions, a killer photo booth, heirloom lay-flat albums, and incredible wall art.

D S Curtis Photography Offers Award-Winning Wedding Photographers in Durham

(Durham, 6th June 2018) –Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. This is why D S Curtis Photography provides top-rated wedding photography services in Durham that capture every emotion of your big day. For the convenience of clients, they provide customised wedding photography packages at the competitive prices. When you count on wedding photographers in Durham, you’ll get personalised wedding photography packages that are tailored to suit your specific requirements. You’ll have complete control of the planning process from the initial discussions at the venue to selection of the type of package.

Nate Messarra Photography – Make Your Special Day Unforgettable!

We know that as Houston Photographers, your wedding day is a joyous occasion and we want to help you celebrate! Nate Messarra Photography is dedicated to capturing your wedding day in a way that creates amazing images and memories that will be cherished throughout your life. It is our hope that as you look back on your wedding pictures, you’ll be able to relive one of the best days of your life.