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Demystifying Reproductive Dysfunction: How We Study It and How It’s Treated

Men are fortunate to be living in a world in which our knowledge of reproductive health has increased to the point that it has. Gone are the days when, say, treating syphilis required a man to drink dangerous quantities of mercury – with little effect on the disease itself, and certainly to the detriment of the patient! Much of what is now known about proper male organ health strategies has come about through centuries of observation and trial and error, but much nowadays is learned through rigorously-designed clinical trials that look at numerous male organ health issues. One of the areas where clinical trials have proven especially beneficial in terms of gathering knowledge is in reproductive dysfunction. Knowledge gained from such clinical trials has led to the development of new treatments for the condition, as well as a greater understanding of it.

Reproductive Dysfunction and the Link to Gum Disease: Understanding the Surprising Connection

Why should male organ health be connected with oral health? It may seem strange, but there can be a connection. In recent years, several doctors and scientists have written about a link between periodontitis, a kind of gum disease, and reproductive dysfunction. A recently published article provides yet more ammunition for existence of this link.

The study

The study on the gum disease-reproductive dysfunction connection was conducted by researchers at the University of Granada in Spain. It was published in The Journal of Clinical Periodontology and is entitled “Chronic periodontitis is associated with reproductive dysfunction. A case-control study in European population.”

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