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A Leading Social Media Expert Explains Why Views Likes and Followers Are Important For Social Media

Sunnyvale, California (bizpr) September 3, 2019 – There are number of popular social media platforms namely Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more that are very famous among young generation. And if you are not applying these profitable sources for your business, you are missing out an incredible marketing opportunity, as it makes it easy to spread the word about your product and mission.


The Optimal Way to Have Brand Presence and Have The Most Followers on Instagram

Instagram is statistically the topmost social media platform. It gives its users so much room for creativity and it even rewards the ones that have used its platform actively and lucratively. These rewards are monetary and so many models, influencers and businesses receive passive income from this brilliant app. It only makes sense because if you are serious about your branding and passionate about your business to the extent that you have done all that you should gain thousands and millions of followers, then Instagram wants you to stay. People will connect in all sorts of ways like posting about the new place they went to, the products they are using and their general experiences. Research showed that 80% of Instagram users stay updated with the brands they discover as compared to any other app or platform. That’s 10x more than Facebook, 84x than they do on Twitter and 54x than the engagement on Pinterest. The pathway is so fruitful and beneficial in the short-run and long-run that 71% of brands have an account on Instagram.

The Best Ways to Grow Your Instagram

Instagram is used by more than a billion people all over the globe. It started off as a small photo sharing app, but the business has blossomed quickly. It wasn’t long before Instagram attracted attention from users all over the globe and soon became a major hit. Within a few years of its inception, Instagram was acquired by Facebook, one of the world’s biggest companies. Instagram is today part of Facebook and has become one of the largest photo sharing apps in the world.

Struggling to be an Instagram Influencer? Here’s What To Do

Social media has dramatically transformed the way we communicate today. It has been the primary media of communication and marketing for individuals and brands around the world. People in the world are now more connected to each other through the smart and efficient protocols of social networks which are created based on the strategy of connecting the world more and more. The digital revolution has given us an entirely new dimension of communication. Individuals and companies are gearing towards adopting this change, and it can be assertively said that we cannot separate ourselves from the myriad influence of social media.

Apricot Lane Provides Franchisees with Digital and Online Tech Resources

[01/05/2019, California] – Apricot Lane developed a host of digital and online resources to make sure franchisees have access to the support they need to drive sales and grow their business. These resources are available to franchisees as part of their investment.
Marketing and Social Media Support
Apricot Lane franchisees have access to an in-house advertising agency. They can use the company’s marketing resources website to plan marketing campaigns and programs. Apricot Lane’s in-house advertising agency takes care of the campaigns and marketing resources. The company’s library of general marketing and graphics resources are also available to franchisees.
Additionally, Apricot Lane has an exclusive Facebook group for marketing, merchandising, operations, buying, and social media assistance. Here, franchisees can reach out to fellow investors for advice, pick up tips and tricks from other members, and share their experiences.
Access to a Resources Portal via Private Intranet
Apricot Lane has partnered with the Cambeo Group to offer franchisees a resource library accessible through a private intranet. The password-protected portal contains:
• Updated and downloadable confidential operations manuals
• Video tutorials on selling, customer service, and store operations
• Customer service modules
• Automated assigned staff development and training program
• Customer surveys
• Sales competencies
• Recorded Apricot Lane continuing education webinars
Franchisees can also take advantage of the portal’s unlimited, free on-call executive consulting. They can receive help in areas such as human resources, finance, and more.
About Apricot Lane
Apricot Lane is a fashion and gift boutique franchise headquartered in California. The company opened its first store in 2007 and now has more than 75 franchise stores. Its franchisor, Country Visions, plans to add 15 to 20 more stores each year. Entrepreneur Magazine recognized Apricot Lane as one of the Top 50 Hottest Franchises in 2008. The company has also consistently ranked on the magazine’s annual Top 500 Franchise List from 2009 to 2017.
To learn more or to schedule an introductory call, visit apricotlanefranchise.com.

Matthew S. Miklasz Promotes Authenticity as a Key to Living an Impactful Life

With four children of his own, Miklasz is well aware of the pressure the next generations face to conform to societal expectations, whether iterated on the television or through pervasive social media.

San Antonio, TX, USA, November 7, 2018 — Pastor Matthew S. Miklasz has witnessed the power of authenticity first-hand, drawing from both his theological training and his thirty years of coaching experience, where he has worked with both athletes and other pastors.

With four children of his own, Miklasz is well aware of the pressure the next generations face to conform to societal expectations, whether iterated on the television or through pervasive social media. To deal with these social pressures, Miklasz encourages people to turn to God and find their “normal.”



September 24, 2018: Emerging AI-based platform, Dup-Dup has proudly announced that it is actively performing alpha launch testing for its Android and iOS applications. The inspiring tech-platform is also welcoming its users to subscribe for this amazing app beta launch testing, while also spreading the word to the new users. Founded by Saquib Khan, Dup-Dup LLC, aims at reshaping the technological and social landscape by blending the both in a unique way.