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Southside Wreckers Awarded 2020 Best of Newnan Award

Newnan, Georgia—Southside Wreckers is excited to share their recent distinction, the 2020 Best of Newnan Award, naming them the best auto wrecker in Newnan. The Newnan Award Program is designed to celebrate businesses who exemplify a commitment to service and professionalism within the city in their industry.

“Being awarded this honor from the Newnan Award Program means a lot to our whole team. We are always seeking to serve our community, especially in their times of need on the roadside, so being supported and respected in our efforts is truly meaningful,” shared Daniel Harbin, Marketing Director for Southside Wreckers. Beyond the scope of a typical auto wrecker service, Southside Wreckers provides support to the film, construction, and air transportation industries.

Southside Wreckers Adds Mobile Mechanic Services

Union City, Georgia—With great excitement, Southside Wreckers announces the addition of their mobile mechanic services. Mobile mechanic services are designed to aid heavy-duty vehicles with minor repairs without having to be towed to a mechanic. Currently, Southside Wreckers’ fully outfitted trucks service Newnan, Atlanta, Union City, and as far south as LaGrange.

Southside Wreckers Expands Business to Include Training Open to Public

Newnan, Georgia – Southside Wreckers is excited to announce their new classroom and hands-on training experiences available. Their classes satisfy the requirements for those participating in the TRIP program. Additionally, anyone interested in the courses is welcome to attend regardless of participation in the TRIP program.

The classes will benefit wrecking companies as well as first responders. Southside Wreckers directly partners with municipalities and emergency services to help prepare rescuers to complete their important lifesaving work swiftly and carefully. For example, Southside Wreckers provides local fire departments with training on extrications. “We believe in compassionately serving those facing difficult situations and preparing first responders is just one more way to support those in trouble,” stated Joe Poquette of Southside Wreckers.