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Cover your pool with the Auto Pool Reel using your own pool cover!


Auto Pool Reel is a trustworthy brand, selling swimming pool reels that are colorful and durable, designed to lessen you troubles covering an uncovering your swimming pool. It is a contemporary e-commerce enterprise which sells automatic retractable pool covers.

The Simple Touch Deployment System on the world’s only trackless automatic pool reel is revolutionary. The Auto Pool Reel is fully automatic that covers and uncovers your pool electrically with your pool blanket or solar pool cover or pool cover for inground pools.  It is totally hands free, self deploying, trackless, self retracting with no pulling, no manual cranking or strings or cables. The patented system enable simple push button operation.

Secure Your Pools with the Unmatched Pool Covers of Auto Pool Reel

Ontario, Canada – Auto Pool Reel offers their customers with an unique product that was designed to eliminate the hassles or efforts of covering and uncovering your swimming pool.

The manual effort can now be excluded with the help of Auto Pool Reel’s automated electric swimming pool covers. Their pool cover is just a click away and it is as easy as it sounds. This revolutionary deployment system can cover/uncover the swimming pool without weighing heavy on the heating bill. Other available products are solar pool cover reel, electric pool cover and auto pool cover.