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Fire Alarm and Detection Industry Product Outlook, Segment, Overview and Manufacturers Analysis Up to 2025

10th July 2019: The ****** Fire Alarm and Detection Market estimated to touch US$ 23.2 billion by the year 2025. The fire alarm and detectors may safeguard properties, evade fatalities, and avert damages of assets by way of rising warnings about an eruption of fire on an initial phase. Latest accidents, happened in London in June 2017, have generated the necessity to provide skyscrapers with operational fire alarm and detection arrangements.


Digital Utility Market Size, analysis, Trends and forecast 2025 | Industry Analysis Reports

08th July 2019: The ****** Digital Utility Market is estimated to touch US$299.1 Billion by the year 2025. Technical progressions are most important to digitization of industries, comprising the power industry. The power industry is progressively recognizing the significance of digital technologies, which sequentially is expected to expand the market above the prediction period. Businesses have documented the profits of digitalization and are now concentrating on two important spaces, that is to say customer commitment and upgrading of procedures and efficiency. Accordingly make over the method industries are directed in the power industry.

Anti-Drone Market Demand, Profit, Price and Manufacturing Cost Analysis Up to 2024

08th July 2019: ****** Anti-Drone Market is anticipated to reach USD 1.85 billion by 2024. It is anticipated to grow at a healthy rate in the years to come. Anti-drone systems are designed to counter unnecessary interruption of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). These systems have the ability of identifying, detecting, and tracking UAVs from a certain distance and avoid illegal actions that could be harmful to human life. Many legal activities across the globe are witnessing challenges regarding identification of the probable threats from drones and UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).

Water Treatment Systems Industry Analysis by Supplier, Competitors and Manufacturers to 2025

04th July 2019: The ****** Water Treatment Systems Market is expected to cross USD 44.01 billion by 2025 and is anticipated to rise at a staggering CAGR of 7.1% during the forecast period. Rise in water pollution coupled with rise in population is expected to contribute to the market growth in the forecast period. Growing awareness regarding health among the young population is likely to act as a major driver for market growth. In addition, stringent regulations by government against water pollution is expected to fuel the market growth.

Multi-Mode Receiver (MMR) Market is expected to expand globally during the forecast period 2025

24th June 2019: ****** Multi-Mode Receiver Market is anticipated to reach USD 1.3 billion by 2025. The market is anticipated to grow with a healthy rate in the years to come. Demand for lightweight aircraft multi-mode receiver and components within retrofit market and improved aircraft sales would induce the market toward development in the years to come. The increasing demand for lightweight and space saving for better fuel economy is the foremost driving factor for the Multi-Mode Receiver (MMR) market.

Point-of-Sale (POS) Terminals Market Emerging Trends, Growth and Distributor Analysis up to 2025

20th June 2019: The ****** Point-of-Sale (POS) Terminals Market is anticipated to reach USD 116.06 billion by 2025 due to considerable rise in the demand for reasonably priced wireless technologies and mobile POS terminals. A Point-of-sale Terminal is an electronic device that processes card payments at different retail provisions.

The device reads the customer’s debit cards or credit card’s information, checks if the customer’s bank account funds are sufficient, transfer the funds from the customer’s account to the retailer’s account, and records the transaction and print receipts. The Point-of-sale Terminals are a combination of hardware and software that accepts card payments which do not require updating of cash registers for direct card reading. The installation cost of POS terminals differ with the business size and terms of the supplier. The smaller traders may have to pay the terminal rent and also additional per-transaction charge.

IoT Device Management Market by Type, Industry, Structure, Function | ****** Industry Analysis to 2025

20th June 2019: ****** IoT Device Management Market size is expected to reach USD 5.1 billion by 2025. The IoT (internet of things) represents a complex system of networks, interfaces, devices, protocols, platforms, and data. IoT devices range from actuators, sensors, gateways, and embedded software/hardware within products and assets. IoT device management consists of multiple operating systems & varieties of communication protocols and methods conducting smooth functioning of smart devices. The IoT Device Management market is expected to register a CAGR of 28.3% in the upcoming period as the scope, product types, and its applications are increasing across the globe.

Multi-Factor Authentication Market Manufacturers Analysis | Competitive Insights up to 2025

18th June 2019: ****** Multi-Factor Authentication Market is expected to reach USD 17.76 billion at a CAGR as the scope and its applications are rising enormously across the globe. To confirm the user’s identity for a login or other transaction, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a security system that needs more than one technique of verification from independent groups of credentials. The aim of MFA is to create a layered defense that helps to protect personal and official data from an unauthorized person. It is built from a grouping of biometric validation techniques, physical techniques, and logical techniques to protect product or service and a facility. The multi-factor authentication market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15.07% by 2025.

Robert Miller Thanks Future Lighting Team for Innovative Growth Strategies Workshop at LIGHTFAIR 2019

Montreal, Canada (bizpr) June 17, 2019 – Future Lighting Solutions recently participated in the 30th edition of LIGHTFAIR in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

As part of the pre-conference, FLS presented the highly-anticipated workshop, Growth Strategies for Existing and Emerging Lighting Applications. The workshop was led by Patrick Durand, Worldwide Technical Director at Future Lighting Solutions, and explored different ways that lighting OEMs can leverage the latest design tools to accelerate their growth.

Robert Miller, President of Future Electronics, thanked Durand and congratulated everyone on the Future team for putting together the innovative workshop at LIGHTFAIR.

Location Intelligence Market Share, Segment and Competitive Analysis by 2025

13th June 2019: The ****** Location Intelligence Market witnesses a higher growth rate in the forecast period attributing to its driving factors, market opportunities and ongoing trends. The market will display some of the latest trends conducive for future ventures and reveal a higher growth curve.

Location intelligence industry is driven by rise in inception of retail stores followed by increase in data transactions and setting up of data points. The data points help in analyzing consumer behavior and buying patterns and enhance customer experience in the long run. Demand for insightful and contextual data is used to gain a competitive edge over the market players. In addition, leading organizations and pricing optimization and customer-driven marketing to gain.

****** Gas Sensor Market Trends, Outlook, Overview and 2025 Forecast

11th June 2019: ****** Gas Sensor Market is estimated to reach USD 3,436.2 million by 2025 and is expected to grow at a significant CAGR in the upcoming period as the scope and its applications are rising enormously across the globe. A gas sensor is an equipment that quantifies or detects the concentration or presence of gases in a specific volume. It is exclusively used for gases like arsine, ammonia, mercury vapor, halocarbons or refrigerants, hydrogen cyanide, nitrogen dioxides, phosphine, carbon dioxide, and others.