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Powerful Women in Business

In recent years, cracks have begun to show in the invisible demographic barrier known as the glass ceiling. Businesses have received influxes of discontent regarding the premise of long-established gender disparity in the workplace, and amounting pressure has finally surpassed the ceiling.

Jermyn Street Design are pioneers in enabling strong women take on the world of work, with an expertly designed range of staff uniforms, tailored with a longevity to match the female ambition, worn daily by colleagues of some of the UK’s biggest businesses such as Pandora and Jet 2. Let’s delve into the world of powerful women in business with this selection.

Male Organ Bumps: A Guide for Women

Men are so used to looking down and seeing their member hanging there that they can forget that their favorite piece of equipment may hold some surprises to the women in their lives. Although men care great deal about both manhood appearance and male organ health, there are some things which women might be curious or alarmed about that a man might simply shrug off. For example, male organ bumps. Guys know that sometimes they’re just there and sometimes they’re cause for concern – and this guide can help women know a little about when to be concerned.

Another Showdown at Sabarimala Temple Likely

The entryways of the Sabarimala temple will be opened today evening for puja on the event of a brief ritual- “Chithira Aattavisesham” tomorrow, the birthday of the last King of Travancore, Chithira Thirunal Balarama Varma. The temple doors will be shut then at 10 pm.


The doors will reopen for darshan from November 17 for the three-month-long yearly pioneer season.


The Sabarimala Temple, where nearly 30-40 million devotees visit every year, has been following a centuries-old tradition of banishing ladies of age 10-50 years from entering the temple as the presiding deity Lord Ayyapa is viewed as a celibate. The Supreme Court over ruled this tradition on September 28. The temple is opening today for the second time since the Supreme Court order.